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The Hammer Museum LA

“Now in Production”

The Hammer Museum is managed by UCLA but was originally founded by Dr Armand Hammer, former head of the Occidental Petroleum Corporation, and used to house portions of his own collection (a small portion still hangs in the museum) until UCLA took over and expanded it’s parameters. Currently it works to show contemporary and historical art, houses a movie theater and works to advance it’s collection as a cultural center for art in Los Angeles.

A very in depth exhibit on  graphic design, typography, new media, and new uses in print media, “Now in Production” is a look into how graphic design is handled in different media currently and in the past. It is being held in the Hammer Museum in downtown Los Angeles. It covers design in print and other places created by small design houses and large corporations using examples from music flyers to a video projection wall that tracks and displays tweets using the hash tag #posterwall. It gives a look and branding, design, typography, and other areas of design. The collection itself is very enthusiastic and broad, showing the many levels of design disciplines and uses.

Seeing this show reignited my love of design, letterform, color and composition. It also made me curious again, to seek out new things of print and web design. Its a must see.

Charles Ballard


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One thought on “The Hammer Museum LA

  1. Thanks Charles, sounds like a great show! Check the link if anyone is headed south for the holidays. The show is on until January 6th.

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