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Van Gogh’s “Starry Night”

What first got my attention when thinking about my senior project were the skies on Van Gogh’s paintings. But then when I looked deeply into “Starry Night” (in particular) I loved the sensation of its busy messiness yet a well put together composition both that really inspired me.

The composition of this painting is marked by the presence of the cypresses, which rise like two black flames on a starry sky with the moon in the background. The horizon line is low, giving prominence to the sky. The imposing presence of the cypress trees on the left is balanced by that of the moon on the right and his brushwork at this stage was still thick and long, but it had evolved into large
spirals and swirls, which intensified the sense of drama in his works. There is a contrast between the cypress, verticality, and horizontality in the starry sky’s paint strokes that I also used on my project.


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