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Essential Resources for Graphic Designers


Hello everyone,

I wanted to share this website since I found this very resourceful when working on any design project. It provides good insight into where to look for tools and tutorials that are helpful in graphic design. The author, Niteesh Yadav is a self-taught graphic designer and he provided this guide because its full of resources that he used when learning about graphic design. He emphasizes that the curiosity and dedication he had for design allowed him to learn about all theses things and now he shares this with the rest of us who may be just as curios and dedicated to graphic design.

Claudia Hinojosa


Glows & Light Effects




Hi everyone!

I love searching for sites that have Photoshop tutorials for creating glow effects. I find myself very attracted to them and I think these are one of the things that inspire me significantly. Most of my artwork done in Photoshop has at least one glowing design element.

Fantasy has always been an interest of mine and I believe that glow and lighting effects reflect upon the genre. They certainly add a magical vibrancy to my artwork. These tutorials have taught me the different techniques of how to use my basic tools. It has shown me that I don’t necessarily need any fancy Photoshop tools to create something extraordinary. These tutorials have also inspired me to try playing around with all the tools Photoshop has to offer to possibly generate my own style and techniques.  

Here’s one of many sites that offer amazing Photoshop tutorials for creating glow and lighting effects.

-Alyssa Adriano

Adobe After Effects tutorial about advanced jumper effects

I found this tutorial about learning how to create an advanced jumper effect by using after effects. It was inspired me to make the amazing video clips by the unique technique for the personal movie making studio, or video produce company. This is the way to create a dynamic disappearing effect that from a moving camera shot.

Normally from my video is to make the steady shot, which is easy for the Rotoscoping, but this tutorial has the specific point about how the camera angel set up and how to using the lighting, shaking, dissolve and warping skills with after effects.

There are no any plug in supported and cut the body with pen tools for the detailing, which successful create an amazing disappear and reappears movement. It was only 6 seconds, but with the camera movement, a lot of time need to be spend to get this work done. This effect let me think of the movie of X-MAN series, the amazing effects always catch people’s attention, while these stuff making the video composting or  other miracles.

– Wen Liu

PHP tutorial for HTML form elements

Screen shot of PHP tutorial

Hi all,

I found this tutorial essential in developing my website and I used part of it to create a button and a text field that when pressed emails me the email of the user that they enter into the text field before pressing the button.  This has more to do with backend than design, but it was simple enough for me to understand.   Since I am not a skilled programmer and grasped the concept, I figured that it would be straightforward enough to introduce to the other graphic designers in the class. (I am posting this because it is one of the few tutorials I understood that was helpful and relatively comprehensible, I think that you guys will be able to grasp this as well).

As designers I feel that it is important for us to know not just how to make a button, another form element, or a slideshow shine, but to also take into consideration how it functions.  I say this not meaning that we should totally get into the programming side of things, (I still do not understand, I am very confused, I have a headache and have developed a caffeine addiction) but just to scratch the surface so that we can respect what the web developer has to go through.  Plus, this stuff seems kind of cool, as geeky and confusing as it is.

Here is the link below,

Danny Rosenfeld wrote this post.

Adobe Evangelist Terry White

I stumbled across Terry White on when I began my research for epub through InDesign CS6 tutorials. When you find a good tutorial guy, you hang on for dear life. While many lynda tutorial voices are sure to put me asleep I really enjoy listening to Terry and can follow even a half hour tutorial without falling asleep!

I now keep his adobe stuff, as well as his own tech blog, and his youtube channel bookmarked and check them often. He knows InDesign inside and out and has been my primary resource for turning my senior project how-to books into ebooks. I am thankful for him and hope you get something out of his resources, too!




paperfashion by Katie Rodgers

Screen Shot 2013-11-20 at 3.18.04 PMScreen Shot 2013-11-20 at 3.17.44 PM

Katie Rodgers is an artist that I recently discovered on Instagram who I’m completely obsessed with! I used to work in the fashion industry and her work really reminds me of the kind of fashion sketching I used to do. I love how feminine, pastel, and soft her style is. I also admire her use of mixed media, for instance, embellishing her sketches/paintings with glitter, sequins, and beads in order to give them extra dimension. I’d love to be able to find a way to incorporate similar textures into my designs.

– Catherine

Saul Bass Posters by Sommer Carter

For my project I am doing a retro movie poster. I took a lot of inspiration from Saul Bass. He is best known for his work on the Vertigo movie poster and is a major player in the poster design world. You can view his posters via What I find most compelling about his work is the juxtaposition he creates so effortlessly.

-Sommer Carter


Rifle Paper Company


Anna Bond is a person who has given me a great deal of inspiration. I visit Paper Source on a regular basis and see her stationery everywhere I look. She recently did an interview for O! Magazine, where she explained her story. She started out as a freelance artist taking any work she could get, designing concert posters and other little things. She had the idea to begin designing wedding suites and her business BOOMED! She and her husband were running an entire operation from their living room. Anna has an entire company where she sells all of her fabulous work. She is based in Winter Park, Florida but her designs are sold all over the world. Anna is living the very dream I have for myself!
Now that you’ve seen her beautiful website, please take a look at my online portfolio where you will find my Senior Project!! (All of my holiday cards and stationery are included in my Senior Project.)

Custom Playing Cards

Custom Deck of Playing Cards

This is a link to a behance portfolio of the artist Aleix Gordo Hostau, he recently designed a custom deck of playing cards for Bicycle card company. I was struggling to find something that I really wanted to do for my senior project, and after viewing this deck of cards I felt it was something I too wanted to do. I really like the vector illustrations he created for each card. I also like how there is some packaging involved with the box design. I was really inspired by this artists work, even though it is very different to my own style.

– Claire Pierce

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