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Adobe After Effects tutorial about advanced jumper effects

I found this tutorial about learning how to create an advanced jumper effect by using after effects. It was inspired me to make the amazing video clips by the unique technique for the personal movie making studio, or video produce company. This is the way to create a dynamic disappearing effect that from a moving camera shot.

Normally from my video is to make the steady shot, which is easy for the Rotoscoping, but this tutorial has the specific point about how the camera angel set up and how to using the lighting, shaking, dissolve and warping skills with after effects.

There are no any plug in supported and cut the body with pen tools for the detailing, which successful create an amazing disappear and reappears movement. It was only 6 seconds, but with the camera movement, a lot of time need to be spend to get this work done. This effect let me think of the movie of X-MAN series, the amazing effects always catch people’s attention, while these stuff making the video composting or  other miracles.

– Wen Liu


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