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PHP tutorial for HTML form elements

Screen shot of PHP tutorial

Hi all,

I found this tutorial essential in developing my website and I used part of it to create a button and a text field that when pressed emails me the email of the user that they enter into the text field before pressing the button.  This has more to do with backend than design, but it was simple enough for me to understand.   Since I am not a skilled programmer and grasped the concept, I figured that it would be straightforward enough to introduce to the other graphic designers in the class. (I am posting this because it is one of the few tutorials I understood that was helpful and relatively comprehensible, I think that you guys will be able to grasp this as well).

As designers I feel that it is important for us to know not just how to make a button, another form element, or a slideshow shine, but to also take into consideration how it functions.  I say this not meaning that we should totally get into the programming side of things, (I still do not understand, I am very confused, I have a headache and have developed a caffeine addiction) but just to scratch the surface so that we can respect what the web developer has to go through.  Plus, this stuff seems kind of cool, as geeky and confusing as it is.

Here is the link below,

Danny Rosenfeld wrote this post.


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