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Glows & Light Effects




Hi everyone!

I love searching for sites that have Photoshop tutorials for creating glow effects. I find myself very attracted to them and I think these are one of the things that inspire me significantly. Most of my artwork done in Photoshop has at least one glowing design element.

Fantasy has always been an interest of mine and I believe that glow and lighting effects reflect upon the genre. They certainly add a magical vibrancy to my artwork. These tutorials have taught me the different techniques of how to use my basic tools. It has shown me that I don’t necessarily need any fancy Photoshop tools to create something extraordinary. These tutorials have also inspired me to try playing around with all the tools Photoshop has to offer to possibly generate my own style and techniques.  

Here’s one of many sites that offer amazing Photoshop tutorials for creating glow and lighting effects.

-Alyssa Adriano


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