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A Peek at Pink Pepper

Some images of my senior project. ^_^

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Senior Project Inspiration

ImageImageimagesimages (1)

I have a great interest in photography. I chose to do a fashion magazine, featuring Indian clothing because I wanted to show and enhance my photography skills. My inspiration comes from many artists from different mediums, but mainly I was inspired by Award winning Australian based famous photographer Jerry Ghionis. His photographs are not just any photographs; he looks at the world from a whole different perspective. He might have the same camera as many other photographers, but the way he sees the world through that tiny hole in the camera, comes to life in his photographs. Jerry also goes around the world to hold workshops for amateur photographers. I have been watching his workshop videos on his site dedicated to the new artists called If you have passion for photography, Jerry got a lot in store for you. Check out his Ice Society website for more.

Rashmi Luthra

Wen’s Senior Project – ZUKA Media

JPEG Gallery

Youtube Video


portfolio –

zuka –

Finished at Dec, 10, 2013 by Wen Liu

Senior Project Inspiration

The inspiration for my senior project came to me one morning while I was waking up. I looked up at the calendar hanging above my bed and it dawned on me, that it would be fun to create one! I’ve been a calendar collector for many years, I usually keep most of the ones I buy. I always enjoy picking them out, and usually have way too many for one year. After figuring that out I had the idea about making a comic book cover collage for each month but due to the possibility of copyright issues, I went another route. I knew I’d like to do something with animals and nature (which I have plenty of pictures to choose from). This led me to create a 12 month calendar filled with wild animal silhouettes which have landscape scenes inside of them. There has been a certain brand of calendar my mom buys every year that comes in an envelope, which I’ve always thought was a nice touch so the calendar itself is protected better. I decided to add that to my calendar along with two bookmarks and two posters. After the long process of taking pictures at two different zoos, matching the animals up with landscape images, and masking the animals with fine detail, the overall project turned out very well. It’s definitely a project I am very proud of and had fun creating!Hippo 2015July 2014

– Michelle =)

What Inspires Me

I feel as if my inspiration is a given and probably overdone, but I really found my inspiration for Baked just by looking around on Pinterest. I wanted to test my typography skills and try something handwritten and when I fell upon this on Pinterest, I had to do it.


Another inspiration of mine was just the fads that are going around right now. At the moment, it seems everyone is into mason jars, so I knew if I were to do something with them, it would grab a lot of people’s attention. So again, I went onto Pinterest and searched through mason jar crafts and fell upon what is now Baked, where dry ingredients are put into mason jars for someone to take home, throw into a big mixing bowl, and put in their own wet ingredients.

For me, Pinterest is full of inspiring arts and something I use everyday.


– Cecelia Salas

after graduation…

When I did my inspirational interview with bay area graphic designer/illustrator Coco Tardiff for my Art 4740 Professional Practices course, one thing in particular stuck out in my mind. She asked if I had heard of something called Creative Circle. I hadn’t. So I checked out Creative Circle and Coco said she regularly gets many of her jobs and clients from there. As Creative Circle states on their website, they are a specialized staffing agency that connects innovative advertising, marketing, creative, and interactive professionals with companies seeking talent on a full-time or freelance basis.

Since many of us our graduating I figured sharing this website would be helpful for many of you (including me) looking to start your careers in the digital world. Good luck!

creative circle

-Jenny Servatius

Why Graphic Design


I remember when I decided that graphic design was the way to go. I was taking an English class in college and we had to read a book called, ”A Whole New Mind”, by Daniel Pink. At this point in college I hadn’t chosen a major yet. The classes I took were mainly to fulfill general education requirements. I was always drawn to art, but didn’t think it would make enough to pay for the lifestyle I dreamt of. I had a big decision. I could either pick a career where I hated going to work every day, but made good money. Or I could do something I loved and worry about making ends meet. Of course these are at opposite ends of the spectrum, and there are many points in between.

In his book, Pink convinced me that graphic design was the way to go. Not only did it have potential to make money, but it was also in high demand. He said things like, “the BFA is the new MBA”, and careers in the medical and computer science fields were soon to be outsourced and that would cause their income level to drop dramatically. That book has inspired me to earn my BFA and follow my passion in art and design. I don’t have room to explain all the other things Pink said to sway my decision, so I recommend you read it if you ever stop believing that graphic design is for you anymore.

Celso Batilo


Finding what inspires me

Hello all,

I have found a website that shows topics for graphic designs. Some were interesting like one website  that talks about certain logos and designs that were copied and how the little similarities were still the same to original brands. The website that shows topics like these are in

Screen Shot 2013-12-02 at 7.01.21 PM

I see the website as inspiring by looking at ideas from text, logos, and other designs and what people think about it.

One inspiration that comes to mind is the work of Rafael Esquer and his team in I like the use of variety which are mostly pictures.  I also find inspiring learning about graphic designers who serve as role models because Esquer focuses on photography and visual arts.  He’s also a creative director, judge and speaker for events and teaches in New York City and Mexico City which he’s labeled to many roles. It reminds me of the lecture that Hoffstetter gave in Professional Practice class because one person can be more than a graphic designer to be labeled as.  Personally, I would like to learn more art role models who are from the bay area and to learn from what they went through so that one day I can inspire others and share what I went through.

Screen Shot 2013-12-02 at 7.36.01 PM

Leonardo Leon

Programming in Processing


I was influenced to make an arcade game for my senior project from the Introduction to Game Design class I took with Pierce Fraser. In that class we made basic games in a program called Processing. Unfortunately, we ran out of time in the class and didn’t get too far in the process of making a complete game and I felt like I wanted more. So when I was given the option for something in my senior project I thought I would try and tackle what I was not 100% familiar with. I like challenges. Sometimes it gets the better of me.

Screen Shot 2013-12-02 at 5.23.09 PM

What has gotten me through this project so far is the book I used in the past called Learning Processing. It is almost the end of the quarter and I feel more accomplished every day I work on it. It was very much a learning process and I feel much more confident in my programming skills in this program. All I can do is try my best and outdo my last project. I hope to work in this program in the near future to try and push my knowledge of Java programming that much more.

For the inspiration of the game itself I went with something really simple. I thought about making a game similar to Galaga or Space Invaders but I wanted to do something unique. I went with the office theme because I haven’t found a game that played on the office supplies coming to “life”. The hardest part of this game will making its replay value worth it.

Screen Shot 2013-12-02 at 5.38.45 PM

Thank you,

Miguel Rivas

Inspiration Is Crap

It took me 8 years to complete my undergraduate degree here at Cal State East Bay, partly because I was never into school. I was just here because it was a better alternative to other options I could think of. One of those options was paying back my loans. That will keep anyone in school fur sure. Deferment is a blessing.Jackass-logo[1]

Very recently I realized that my motivation during my undergrad though was more than just avoiding big bills. I was motivated by the likes of those who took crap, and made it into a masterpiece. One of these greats is Johnny Knoxville and his crew over at DIckHouse productions. You may remember this studio from their great works of Jackass on MTV years ago.

Why them? Think about it? They took a medium that we all spend all this time trying to perfect and made it into millions of dollars. The kicker here is that they had no formal knowledge of how to do any of this. Their videos are made with grainy camera work, awful angles and most of the time employ little if any technique. This is the world we live in. The world of YOUTUBE. Back then there was no youtube, but today anything can catch fire.

The content is more important than the medium in this day and age. It’s such a radical movement that ad space on a YOUTUBE video can outsell any 1080p Blue-ray disc and other formal types of artwork. I appreciate my formal knowledge of art and graphic design and understand that there is a place for it, but I can see now more than ever that I was creating masterpieces since the day I was born. By learning more about my craft, I have learned to appreciate garbage as much if not more than any high praised painting. My motivation has been all along like that of the DADA movement and moving away from cultural norms of the past. The more education in art I gain, the more I remember why I dislike school, yet appreciate everything I learn and everything I don’t know yet.

– Cheers

Hugo Diaz

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