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Poster Design

Hello everyone!

My name is Robert Lopez  and I am here to tell you about my project. My goal is to create 30 posters and each having a purpose. I want these posters to do at least one of the following: make you feel good, inspire , or promote creativity. I divided the sum of 30 posters in three series of ten posters. Those categories are the following: photo + text, typography/illustration and photo + geometric shapes. I have one example of “photo+text” and two examples of “typography/illustration.”

Robert J. Lopez, Creative, nature, unnatural

Photo manipulation by Robert J. Lopez

typography, text, black and white, eye test, funny

Typography Poster by Robert J. Lopez

cartoon, illustration, color, funny

Illustration by Robert J. Lopez

I was inspired by using Pinterest and looking what others have already created. You can view them here. The few selected posters that caught my attention are shown below. I really enjoy the creativity and structure of each.


Andy Glass, photographer. Paul Hodgson, art director. M&C Saatchi, ad agency. Bahrain Economic Development Board, client.

Design by Toko.

Design by Toko.


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