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Inspiration Is Crap

It took me 8 years to complete my undergraduate degree here at Cal State East Bay, partly because I was never into school. I was just here because it was a better alternative to other options I could think of. One of those options was paying back my loans. That will keep anyone in school fur sure. Deferment is a blessing.Jackass-logo[1]

Very recently I realized that my motivation during my undergrad though was more than just avoiding big bills. I was motivated by the likes of those who took crap, and made it into a masterpiece. One of these greats is Johnny Knoxville and his crew over at DIckHouse productions. You may remember this studio from their great works of Jackass on MTV years ago.

Why them? Think about it? They took a medium that we all spend all this time trying to perfect and made it into millions of dollars. The kicker here is that they had no formal knowledge of how to do any of this. Their videos are made with grainy camera work, awful angles and most of the time employ little if any technique. This is the world we live in. The world of YOUTUBE. Back then there was no youtube, but today anything can catch fire.

The content is more important than the medium in this day and age. It’s such a radical movement that ad space on a YOUTUBE video can outsell any 1080p Blue-ray disc and other formal types of artwork. I appreciate my formal knowledge of art and graphic design and understand that there is a place for it, but I can see now more than ever that I was creating masterpieces since the day I was born. By learning more about my craft, I have learned to appreciate garbage as much if not more than any high praised painting. My motivation has been all along like that of the DADA movement and moving away from cultural norms of the past. The more education in art I gain, the more I remember why I dislike school, yet appreciate everything I learn and everything I don’t know yet.

– Cheers

Hugo Diaz


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