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Inspirational Journey

If there was only one specific thing in life that I could say has inspired me to be an artist, hands down it would be the Sistine Chapel in Italy.   This was a tour that my family and I took in 2005.   We went to the Vatican and then the tour of the Sistine Chapel.   I have never spent such a vast amount of time in awe.   Every wall, ceiling, floor, door, wood panel, and light fixture was immaculately placed in the rooms.   I can’t quite recall the number of rooms that we went through (and we couldn’t take pictures, which made me want to cry).   I do, however, remember that the tour took over 3 hours, and I spoke very few words throughout it.  If you want me quiet and calm,   show me paintings or animations.   I get so relaxed and at ease with life, regardless of the stresses, if I am interpreting a painting and enjoying the beauty that the artist took to create it.   I try to feel what they felt.  I try to understand their journey.   It makes it all unique and exciting.

The main focus of the sistine chapel (and last room)  was the Creation of Adam,  which is the two men touching fingers.  That is the point that everyone knows from the Sisteen Chapel ceiling.   God2-Sistine_Chapel

But in reality, the ceiling is much- much more than just that piece.  That piece is the center of a massive masterpiece.

Sistine Chapel

When walking through this chapel,  I was the happiest I may have ever been in my entire life.  I felt like I was being spoken to about my reasoning for being on earth.   That reason is art.   Since then I have dedicated my school focus and time to art.   I will never forget what inspired me to be amazing.


Jessica Attard


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