CSUEB Electronic Art Seniors share their thoughts!

My inspiration for my senior project stop motion project

while I was taking an animation class a few quarters ago, one aspect we worked on was stop motion. I had never worked on stop motion before but as I continued my project I realized I really liked it for 2 main reason. The first reason being that I really enjoyed it and had fun while working on it. The second reason is that I felt with stop motion, you can add a type of “magic” to what the viewer is seeing- watching things move about with out actually seeing someone move the object… Pretty cool!

So I started looking up stop motion on YouTube, and it dawned on me. I should do a stop motion video! One video inspired me in particular which I will post below , check it out, it’s honestly SO COOL!! This idea especially pleased me because I realized I could incorporate all sorts of thing’s I love into this project. One of the most important aspects is my music. So I covered the song “We’re gonna be friends” by The White Stripes. It all came together to a great stop motion music video!


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