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Why Graphic Design


I remember when I decided that graphic design was the way to go. I was taking an English class in college and we had to read a book called, ”A Whole New Mind”, by Daniel Pink. At this point in college I hadn’t chosen a major yet. The classes I took were mainly to fulfill general education requirements. I was always drawn to art, but didn’t think it would make enough to pay for the lifestyle I dreamt of. I had a big decision. I could either pick a career where I hated going to work every day, but made good money. Or I could do something I loved and worry about making ends meet. Of course these are at opposite ends of the spectrum, and there are many points in between.

In his book, Pink convinced me that graphic design was the way to go. Not only did it have potential to make money, but it was also in high demand. He said things like, “the BFA is the new MBA”, and careers in the medical and computer science fields were soon to be outsourced and that would cause their income level to drop dramatically. That book has inspired me to earn my BFA and follow my passion in art and design. I don’t have room to explain all the other things Pink said to sway my decision, so I recommend you read it if you ever stop believing that graphic design is for you anymore.

Celso Batilo



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