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Senior Project Inspiration

The inspiration for my senior project came to me one morning while I was waking up. I looked up at the calendar hanging above my bed and it dawned on me, that it would be fun to create one! I’ve been a calendar collector for many years, I usually keep most of the ones I buy. I always enjoy picking them out, and usually have way too many for one year. After figuring that out I had the idea about making a comic book cover collage for each month but due to the possibility of copyright issues, I went another route. I knew I’d like to do something with animals and nature (which I have plenty of pictures to choose from). This led me to create a 12 month calendar filled with wild animal silhouettes which have landscape scenes inside of them. There has been a certain brand of calendar my mom buys every year that comes in an envelope, which I’ve always thought was a nice touch so the calendar itself is protected better. I decided to add that to my calendar along with two bookmarks and two posters. After the long process of taking pictures at two different zoos, matching the animals up with landscape images, and masking the animals with fine detail, the overall project turned out very well. It’s definitely a project I am very proud of and had fun creating!Hippo 2015July 2014

– Michelle =)


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