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After I graduate, I see myself focusing on company branding (logo design, target market selection, visual branding, visual marketing) and being hired as part of a creative team who defines and redefines businesses all over the globe. I have always been inspired by advertising and marketing creativity, especially when it is showcased as innovative visuals that evoke thought and resonate in the mind. Here are some creative examples of effective branding I find inspiring.


Image Source

This logo is effective because it’s simple, incorporates the business’ purpose (music), and even spells the name of the company all in one memorable shape.

I think that a good logo should be instantly recognizable and effectively stand alone.

Packaging is something that also inspires me. As part of my quest to become an expert in branding, I would also like to work with product packaging and visual design.

This creative packaging for Smirnoff vodka is eye-catching, appropriate for the context, and also unique.


Image Source

The visual possibilities of branding and product packaging are infinite and this is what inspires me most.

Screen Shot 2014-02-26 at 1.26.19 PM

Image Source

The best logo and packaging designs are the ones you remember. I want to create unforgettable logos and designs that inspire (like the awesome branding done below which has a strong logo and catchy phrase printed on the package.)

Screen Shot 2014-02-26 at 1.30.30 PM

Image Source

Alexandra Apfelzweig


Cookbook Covers, Oh My!

In my research for cookbook cover inspiration I found some covers that spoke to me. I wanted to play with macro images, but I needed to see how to lay it all out (hoe to photograph and where I wanted to place type). These covers all had something special about them. I think the photography and type compliment each other. The first one is more along the line of graphics (which I am playing with now too).

Laura Radovolsky

Creepy Illustration Inspiration

I really am into creepy and thought provoking art. I thought it would be cool to use a black image like the crow below on my cookbook cover. The collage of things in one scene is what inspired me. Some graphics are simple, but it is the unique background imagery and type floating around that really brings these to life. I was blown away by the detail and arrangement of strange things. Design You Trust has a submission from J.Tucuman (an Argentina based illustrator from Tito Artz) on “The New Cult”. The usage of complimentary colors allows the eye to catch they intended  central image. The usage of type in a few of these also inspired me to play around with type in illustrations. It’s really cool. Check it out.

crowrabbitall seeing eyetree ladytv facePosted by: Laura Radovolsky

Food Packaging

Here’s an interesting site for all kinds of packaging, the link I pasted is of food packages in Asia. They have an interesting duck egg carton, it’s supposed to be eco friendly too I think. This link is interesting to me because my senior project is of coffee packaging. There are drop down search categories for countries, general (categories), other things, AND you can submit your own design!


Posted by: Michelle Sung

Nintendo Era Posters and Progress

I got my first Nintendo when I was 4 years old in 1989. Since then, I have been a gamer and collector, but my roots are still in the old era of gaming. One theme games had then was that there posters, box art, etc. all were much more elaborate than what the game actually came to be. This was clearly prevalent in the Atari era as well – Galaga, Asteroids, Defender, Space Invaders, Centipede and many more had these great promotional posters.


GunNac was a great Nintendo game and this is a screenshot of the game compared to the promo poster:

GunNac on NES. I don’t remember carrots being in the game though


Castlevania was one of my favorite games and the box art and poster made it look so epic:

Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse


But then you get to the game and it looks like this(the game was still amazing though!:



Now for my project I am doing a fictitious shooter called Ascension. It is in the vain of games such as R-Type, GunNac, Gradius, 1942. The shirt is being shipped to me and this is what it will look like:

Ascension Shirt

I’ve included the logo I created on the back and the poster is essentially placed on the shirt; it is feathered out to fade into the purple which does not show on the above image.


The cartridge art label is nearly complete as well; this will be printed and placed onto an actual Nintendo cartridge. It reflects the poster design to maintain consistency:


Cartridge Art



=Don Purnell


Comedy Film Posters

Hey everybody,

This is Chiedu. As mentioned in class, I was going to do movie posters for my Senior Project. The first poster I wanted to start on was the Comedy film poster. While looking at other comedy film posters, Solomon and I noticed how most comedy film posters typically feature the title in all capital letters with bright colors such as red. They also feature the main character, doing something goofy or looking goofy. So, here are a few movie posters that helped influence me to make mine.


I also noticed how one typeface these comedy posters will use is Futura. The typeface looked perfect for me to use for my first poster, and I guess Futura is the kind of font that would attract the moviegoer, that is if they want to go watch a comedy, right?

Post by Chiedu Ufoegbune

Negative Space

Although this is not related to my senior project, these illustrations I found are inspirational. I’ve always have an interest in negative space, ever since it was introduced in Graphic Design 1. I found these illustrations by artist Tang Yau Hoong. He perfectly conveys negative negative space into his illustrations such as the “Moustacheville” piece where a man is walking down a mustache path, the birds are mustaches too, and the tree branches as well. His use of color is also very effective. A lot of them are eye catching as well as the non colored ones. In future projects I would like to convey negative space as he did.





More of his work can be found on Behance.

Post by: Lesley Manchamée


I took a film photography class in high school and was fascinated by the concept of depth of field. I was hooked! My pictures were never the same. I started to use my eyes as a lens and saw ordinary objects as works of art when looked at from a different perspective. Art was everywhere. Fast forward to my time at university where I am taking a cornucopia of art classes and the mundane no longer excites me. That’s when I discovered Pinterest and Behance. Pinterest is more of my favorite resource because you can create mood boards for your projects AND discover actual resources like tutorials, textures, fonts, etc. Behance is useful when you want to compare your work with other designers around the work as a source of competition so you know who and what standards you’re up against in the real world. It keeps you inspired to do better.

These are some examples of packaging that I found on Behance by Janelle Mais.

Post by: Maryam Ahmed 


Artist Inspirations

I am inspired by amazing polymer clay artists. I love working with polymer clay because it’s very versatile and so much fun to play with. Here are the top artists that have inspired me to work with this medium. This is my very own shop where I sell my polymer clay creations. These artists constantly inspire me to perfect my craft.

micro_dice_dragons_by_dragonsandbeasties-d6q4qs6 il_fullxfull.503396756_j0qc il_fullxfull.306557798

Dragons & Beasties by Becca Golins, Neverland Jewelry on Etsy, Petit Plat by Stephanie Kilgast

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