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Nintendo Era Posters and Progress

I got my first Nintendo when I was 4 years old in 1989. Since then, I have been a gamer and collector, but my roots are still in the old era of gaming. One theme games had then was that there posters, box art, etc. all were much more elaborate than what the game actually came to be. This was clearly prevalent in the Atari era as well – Galaga, Asteroids, Defender, Space Invaders, Centipede and many more had these great promotional posters.


GunNac was a great Nintendo game and this is a screenshot of the game compared to the promo poster:

GunNac on NES. I don’t remember carrots being in the game though


Castlevania was one of my favorite games and the box art and poster made it look so epic:

Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse


But then you get to the game and it looks like this(the game was still amazing though!:



Now for my project I am doing a fictitious shooter called Ascension. It is in the vain of games such as R-Type, GunNac, Gradius, 1942. The shirt is being shipped to me and this is what it will look like:

Ascension Shirt

I’ve included the logo I created on the back and the poster is essentially placed on the shirt; it is feathered out to fade into the purple which does not show on the above image.


The cartridge art label is nearly complete as well; this will be printed and placed onto an actual Nintendo cartridge. It reflects the poster design to maintain consistency:


Cartridge Art



=Don Purnell



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