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video games is design and programing

I am trying to push myself to the next level CSUEB has been a nice comfortable safe area to grow and explore, but those walls are crumbling down,  that  is why I choose to make a video game.  Video game are the next level of entertainment the fusion of real live and a cinematic, but rather than watching a characters go through event you are controlling them.  A game engine like Unity3D give me that power to create these whole new worlds, of endless possibility. ImageImageImage

Unity is a powerful tool to help make my vision come to life.

there are a few game that inspire me,  Zelda Ocarina of time, it was one of the first games I played and it is still one of my favourite games, Golden eye and Halo were that games that got me into FPS.   I other games that I have enjoyed Star Wars Battle Front, Diablo, Freelancer, GTA 5, Skyrim, Assassin Creed.  what these games showed me was , create a interesting world to run around and tell a great story.

the game that I am look forward and inspires me is Star Citizen, a completely crowed funded game space adventure


this game show that people will pay for what they want, if can show you have a game concept that people want, they will help you create it.  when ever a project is too expensive for you to front the cost, there are people out there that will help you project come to be

if you put the time into any project, you can do anything you want

Christopher Gallegos


What inspired me

The deal with me is, i started working out recently, and i found a very simple motto to live by, “Fitness is 80% diet and 20%”

Those words echoed in my head for the longest time, was it really more about what you eat rather than pushing your limits? Are you really what you eat?

Well, during my project, i found that while yes, it is important to eat right, that doesn’t mean you can indulge every now and then.

One of the examples i wish to show is this:

As you can see, that is in fact a “Protein cheesecake”, a cheesecake that is composed of a lot of ingrediants that to which make a cheesecake.

With this discovery, i went and found that there are in fact various recipes to which while are sweet, are also healthy.

While shopping, i found a particular cookbook:

Garfield Cook book

The cookbook is really simple looking and gets the point across well, i decided to take this concept and apply the same principles to my cookbook.

More to come soon.


As of now, I have no idea why, but I have a passion for illustration and photography. Seeing some nice designs and photography work makes me want to go out on an adventure and see what I can come up with. In my illustrations class, I had a fun time using/learning about the Wacom tablet. Though I am not that good with the application Corel Painter, the following images are inspirations that makes me want to learn more about. I may give up and forget about it when it gets frustrating and hard to deal with, but seeing these nice designs just pulls me back in. For Photography, it engages me to go out of my comfort zone and take shots of things that occur within the world around me. Capturing every little moment as life goes on. These are examples I found on the web that inspired me:

image1 image2 image3 image4 photo1 photo4 photo5 photo6

By: Peter Huang

Wedding Invites Inspiration

In my research for my wedding invitations project, there are a few that really inspired me.

Vintage-Floral-Cotton-Wedding-Invitations-Blue-Magpie5 ButterflyHandkerchief-Final-2

Soft pastel palette and Kraft envelopes are in a lot of wedding invites nowadays.
blueeyebrowneye_2 blueeyebrowneye_1

I like the ideas of having the envelope design speak for itself. However the pale mint type color is very hard to read. This would require expensive letterpress printing to make it works. Also, the vintage stamp is a new trend right now that I really wanted to incorporate.

Calligraphy-Floral-Wedding-Invitations-LaHappy5 Floral-Calligraphy-Romantic-Wedding-Invitations-AllieRuth-Design Bold-Floral-Table-Numbers-Lucky-to-Be-in-Love-John-Schnack-Photography
Beautiful P.J. Redoute’s rose invitation. I’ve had the hardest time making my rendition of this without looking like derivative of these designs. Using Victorian roses can make things look dated.

Typography/Calligraphy based designs.


The gray design used all calligraphy/display fonts for body text; I really wanted to try that but didn’t want legibility’s issue.

Scout-Editorial-Shoot-Scout-Editorial-Shoot-0095 Brooklyn-Wedding-Invitations-Swiss-Cottage-Design2

I really like the contrasting colors used in the black/white/beige invites.

by Vi Tran

Cartoon Branding

Everyone has their own unique style in which they illustrate and I feel like plenty of people can just look at work and tell what belongs to who. Artists like Craig Barlett (Creator of Hey Arnold!) and Joe Murray (Creator of Rocko’s Modern Life) have their own style and when you see their work you can just know it’s theirs. I really enjoy their work because I love brightly colored decent illustrations especially when it’s meant for children. Art is about expression and being able to express yourself through your own work with an unique style is all the more impressive.Image

Ecological Knowledge

Although it is not the case now, I can still recall a time when cartoons would captivate my attention to the point where I would forget to blink. A child’s mind is like a sponge, and the best way to learn is by having fun.

I wanted to teach children something important that is not taught in school and neither is it  talked about much in our western culture. There is a lot out there teaching children the importance of staying in school and staying active, ie. the mind and body. When it comes to the mind, body, and spirit, little emphasis is put on the spiritual connection.

It is important to start building the fundamentals of life at a young age. This is why I chose to start introducing the idea to young children to open the door to further spiritual learning. Therefore, the concept will not be foreign to them as they grow and ultimately be better integrated into society.


By: Shara Escobar

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