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Wedding Invites Inspiration

In my research for my wedding invitations project, there are a few that really inspired me.

Vintage-Floral-Cotton-Wedding-Invitations-Blue-Magpie5 ButterflyHandkerchief-Final-2

Soft pastel palette and Kraft envelopes are in a lot of wedding invites nowadays.
blueeyebrowneye_2 blueeyebrowneye_1

I like the ideas of having the envelope design speak for itself. However the pale mint type color is very hard to read. This would require expensive letterpress printing to make it works. Also, the vintage stamp is a new trend right now that I really wanted to incorporate.

Calligraphy-Floral-Wedding-Invitations-LaHappy5 Floral-Calligraphy-Romantic-Wedding-Invitations-AllieRuth-Design Bold-Floral-Table-Numbers-Lucky-to-Be-in-Love-John-Schnack-Photography
Beautiful P.J. Redoute’s rose invitation. I’ve had the hardest time making my rendition of this without looking like derivative of these designs. Using Victorian roses can make things look dated.

Typography/Calligraphy based designs.


The gray design used all calligraphy/display fonts for body text; I really wanted to try that but didn’t want legibility’s issue.

Scout-Editorial-Shoot-Scout-Editorial-Shoot-0095 Brooklyn-Wedding-Invitations-Swiss-Cottage-Design2

I really like the contrasting colors used in the black/white/beige invites.

by Vi Tran


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