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What inspired me

The deal with me is, i started working out recently, and i found a very simple motto to live by, “Fitness is 80% diet and 20%”

Those words echoed in my head for the longest time, was it really more about what you eat rather than pushing your limits? Are you really what you eat?

Well, during my project, i found that while yes, it is important to eat right, that doesn’t mean you can indulge every now and then.

One of the examples i wish to show is this:

As you can see, that is in fact a “Protein cheesecake”, a cheesecake that is composed of a lot of ingrediants that to which make a cheesecake.

With this discovery, i went and found that there are in fact various recipes to which while are sweet, are also healthy.

While shopping, i found a particular cookbook:

Garfield Cook book

The cookbook is really simple looking and gets the point across well, i decided to take this concept and apply the same principles to my cookbook.

More to come soon.


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