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My Inspiration

Figuring out what inspires me is pretty hard. Especially at 2 am when I’m suppose to be sleeping. But sleeping is for the weak! Especially before finals!!

But for the most part Transformers. Not just Transformers in general though, but the cartoons. I’m mostly interested in Transformers: RescueBots.

It’s a show that’s targeted to 4 year olds but it has an amazing talent of pleasing adults who watch it as well. I love cartoon that doesn’t treat its audience as idiots. It’s fun and imaginative with a great story. I want to make a cartoon just as good as this one.

Other things that inspire me is story telling. I love telling stories. I could listen to my dad tell stories about his life over and over again. He’s so great at telling them I can’t get enough of it.

One last thing that really inspires me to make art is color. I freaking love color. If I can’t have color I’ll probably put some in there anyway. Color really helps bring something to life, give it personality and a mood. I think that’s why I’m really into cartoons and want to be an animator. I can put almost as much color as I want and it only makes it look better!


If you couldn’t have guessed this post was made by Taylor McCullough


What inspires me?

When it comes to art what inspires me a lot are the animated movies created by Pixar, Dreamworks and Disney. I love the the beautiful background that they create in all their scenes and the characters that they come up with in all their movies. The colors are aways beautiful and there is always so much detail in everything which is what I love the most. A lot of times I am just blown away with how amazing everything looks visually. Watching the movies released by all these movie industries always motivates me to draw and illustrate and gives me that inspiration to create something just as beautiful that catches everyones eye and has a lot of detail. I also love the animation that is created and the story for each movie are always so interesting, everything is just so creative and well put together and I always get so excited when a new movie comes out and try to keep up with watching all of them. I really have a huge interest in illustration and storytelling and so when I see their work it makes me want to create something amazing like that.


FREE BIRDS frozen_elsa_by_meddek-d6w674h finding-nemo-image-3 dfdf0759cd8f6dd5d81817e32af6201c


-Bharti Saini

Artistic Inspiration


So I don’t know about you guys, but I pull my artistic inspirations from all over the place. I really can’t choose just one to fully represent what represents my artistic inspirations.

The first artist I’d like to mention is the author of a web comic that I like to frequent. is where you can find all of his comics as well as his personal blog can be found on that page as well. I don’t particularly incorporate his actual art style into my own as much, even though I’d really like to. It’s just because he works with Manga Studio and he achieves this amazing vector line quality that I just can’t seem to replicate as well in Photoshop and Painter. I’ve also haven’t had the time or money to try to learn it, either. The main thing that I pull from this artist is his artistic comedy and attitude. I am always in awe of his use of color and the creativity and imagination he has. He can make the silliest and simplest things hilarious and beautiful at the same time. His coloring style what would mostly like to incorporate into my style. I have actually contacted him for a tutorial on his coloring techniques working with light for my Illustration Final and he actually contacted me back within a couple of hours and gave me a tutorial on how he does it! He has colored some comic issues of “Atomic Robo” and also does coloring for other web comics as well as his own. He is both active on his Twitter and Tumblr and he is constantly posting up silly little drawings that I absolutely adore. He also tweets things that are always amusing. “The real measure of an art fair henna tattoo booth is whether they will draw spider-man’s face over my face.” That’s one of the things you can be amused by if you follow him @Nedroid. I really want to stand out in that way where I can make people laugh and inspired at the same time with my artwork.

towardstomorrow atomicrobo tyger  gorgeoussteve crawlingsnakeperfect

The next artist I’d like to highlight is Philip Lumbang. He has a very distinct and iconic style to him. He actually has a favoritism towards drawing bears and that has really what has set him apart from other illustrators. He draws the same bear over and over again but in different styles and personalities. Sometimes they’re rabbits or raccoons but in the end you know it’s his work. I didn’t realize that I had adopted  this concept from him until I started writing this paragraph, actually. However, instead of drawing bears I particularly like drawing dinosaurs. It’s kind of in a specific style as well that is very continuous from drawing this orange dinosaur over and over again. I think it’s amazing how he can take the same character and pump out so much variety in it. You can see much of his work posted on his Instagram @philiplumbang.

cardboard gaga nuke palette pika

Slowly transitioning from illustration, I have an artist who works closely with kid robot and does many sculpture and designer toy creations. He not only does he work in a world of print, he takes his art into the third dimension. As an advocate for designer toys like Kidrobot, 3AA, and other such companies I have made attempts at customizing vinyl figures but have much to learn before I can invest all the money into creating more of them. He also has a pretty distinct style that is much more urban yet still for the lack of a better word, ‘cute’. This is what I pull from Huck Gee. The strong bold style of urban figurines that is both aggressive but not frightening. The vinyl toy company is an amazing industry and I definitely wouldn’t mind taking a crack at being a designer for vinyl toys as well. He’s even got a Kickstarter for a video game that he’s trying to develop! That site for his game, Battle Tails can be found on Kickstarter.

bruiser elephant elephantvinyl


scullprint toymafia

Lastly, I want to introduce a completely different artist. Joshua Phillips is an amazing designer and artist who makes these beautiful hand-lettered quotations. I’ve picked up a couple mechanical pencils and inks to start practicing this art because it has moved me so much. As you can see his work is pretty different from the last three artists that I’ve showcased but it’s just another part of my field and something that I’d like to incorporate into all of my other work. I like keeping up to date with artistic trends and I think this sort of concept of hand lettering designs have really caught on. As an artist and graphic designer I think combining this type of artistic typography with illustration is something that can really work well together in the world of graphic design. I don’t think there is one picture that he has posted on his Instagram @joshuaphillips_ that I haven’t liked since I started following him. I also consider myself a writer, though I may be a bit rusty because of school doing illustrations, designs, photography, etc. (Funny, huh? School should make me a better writer.), I appreciate his use of diction and thought-provoking quotations just make me want to pick up a pen and draw as many curvy tails and try to solve the problems of putting these words together to make it beautiful typographically as well as beautiful in the literal aspect.

cared chase empty gladiators hero line shotgun thieves

These are the artists that have helped me understand what I love about what I do in art and graphic design. Not only that, they’ve helped me define my personal style and keep me encouraged to keep producing artwork that pushes the same emotions that I feel when I look at their work as well. When I think of ‘inspiration’ I think of the drive that I get from being captivated by seeing works of art like these. So after staring at this screen for so long and having to find all these images, you’ll have to excuse me because I gotta get back to work!

Daryl PeBenito

Hyper Lapse

What inspired my senior project was this passion to push myself to teach myself new things. Before starting this project I didn’t know how to do time lapses until I youtube’d three videos that taught me all that I needed to know about the project. After figuring out that I had the necessary tools to create one I finally hit the field to do some. The results were amazing! I wow’d myself by doing these so I continued. I’ve always been facilitated by time lapses. A time lapse is  when the frames are shown at normal speed, or in quick succession, the action seems much faster. What i’m doing is a little different, i’m doing a hyper lapse. A hyper lapse is the same as a time lapse but a hyper lapse is physical movements with a tripod. In winter of 2013 I created a documentary about my life. This documentary was going to be my senior project. After creating a couple of time lapses for my documentary I really got into it, and it then overlooked my documentary.

After seeing this Hyper-Lapse by Joenagraphy at UC Davis I got even more inspired. Now I had a reason to do more time lapses and this time it was for my school CSUEB. So far the lapses have been fun and yet time consuming. I’ve completed over 50 hours of time lapses and over 50 hours of post production work. The finished videos will be 3-4 minutes long and I forgot to include that I wanted to make the video more dynamic. I did that by adding aerial footage.

-Andy To Multimedia



Dan Mason – Pixar

For our professional practices class, we had to interview someone in the industry. I was lucky enough to get a connection with Dan Mason, an animator at Pixar with 20+ years experience in the field. He gave some very insightful and inspiring information about being in the field.  The one thing that I really took away is how he talked about the drive that new interns or pixar employees have to succeed. Mason said they all have such drive to do well and work very hard to make some amazing work. It’s amazing enough that he can still keep up with the youngings, but he’s also able to teach them so much. Basically, just strive to do something that you love doing. That’s what my goal in life is. And that’s also why I decided to do an animation for my senior project.

-Breahna Berry

Gordon Mortensen – Woodcut Artist

Gordon Mortensen - Ice Plant, Carmel  - 24x38 - New Masters Gallery - Carmel Art Galleries
Jade Beach

MortensenNew-Whalers Cove-10x8
Whaler’s Cove

I recently visited the community of Carmel-by-the-Sea, which is reportedly the home of over 80 art galleries. I explored a few galleries that specialize in California landscapes and nature photography, but one gallery that caught my eye was the New Masters Gallery. The owner of this gallery represents an artist named Gordon Mortensen who is a modern practitioner of the ancient art of woodcut prints. At this gallery I saw some amazing woodcut prints that were created in this unique way that I had never seen before.

Mortensen produces some remarkably detailed and colorful prints using the woodcut printmaking technique where images are carved into blocks or sheets of wood and then printed onto paper by rolling paint over the carved block and pressing it onto the paper. Then the carved block is altered or another block is used and the next color is applied. This seems like an incredibly intricate and tedious process, but the result is amazing and very different from a normal painting.

I am inspired by Mortensen’s work because he uses an ancient technique that originated in Europe in the 1400’s and became popular in China and Japan in the 1700’s. But Mortensen uses the technique in a modern way to create beautiful modern images of California coastal landscapes. His work can be seen on permanent display at the Monterey Plaza Hotel in Monterrey, or to see more you can visit the New Masters Gallery in Carmel or view his work online at the links below.

By Brandon Powers

Old(ish) Ad


Levi’s Go Forth

The Levi’s Go Forth campaign launched in 2011, done by ad agency Wieden & Kennedy. It was Levi’s first global marketing initiative.  The first ‘flagship’ television ad that was broadcast (embedded above) was shot by Ryan McGinley and features Walt Whitman reciting his poem “America”.

It’s been over 3 years, and I still use this as a benchmark for what an ad should be: inspirational, evocative, and original. It’s almost like W&K had found a way to almost manufacture authenticity. My own emotional response was so strong first seeing this ad, that I really had to step back and realize I was just watch a commercial for Jeans. The way it conveyed a sense of working class, bootstrap pulling, salt of the earth American values through a young, hip aesthetic really changed the way I looked at advertising. The immense sense of pride, and urgency, and patriotism all conveyed in 60 seconds made me see the power of advertising. If I hadn’t already owned several pairs of Levi’s at the time, I’m sure I would have went to go buy some.

I’m not a very self-expressive person; I like to make things that look nice, but don’t have any personal value to me. Advertising is the perfect vehicle for that sentiment. I’d rather bring a market research team’s vision come to life rather than my own. The idea that someone created something this profound and cinematic (to me at least) just to sell pants really spoke to me. The way it took something beautiful and commodified it, and made it accessible to prime time television audiences struck a chord in me. It made me realize that this is what I wanted to do as a career.


-Kayvon Mangabay

Role playing game monsters, and the inspiration they bring

as many of you have heard me say before again and again in class. I looooooove rpg videogames! the way you go on journeys, the skills and abilities you learn when you level up, the epicness of the powerful combos you do with a limit break , but mostly for me has been the design of monsters, more specifically final bosses.The way they are drawn give you a sense of awe and fear like a final boss should . some most notable final bosses like this come from the final fantasy series, specifically Final Fantasy 5’s neo exdeath and 6’s kefka

neo exdeath kefka




-Glenn Brooks

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