CSUEB Electronic Art Seniors share their thoughts!

Hyper Lapse

What inspired my senior project was this passion to push myself to teach myself new things. Before starting this project I didn’t know how to do time lapses until I youtube’d three videos that taught me all that I needed to know about the project. After figuring out that I had the necessary tools to create one I finally hit the field to do some. The results were amazing! I wow’d myself by doing these so I continued. I’ve always been facilitated by time lapses. A time lapse is  when the frames are shown at normal speed, or in quick succession, the action seems much faster. What i’m doing is a little different, i’m doing a hyper lapse. A hyper lapse is the same as a time lapse but a hyper lapse is physical movements with a tripod. In winter of 2013 I created a documentary about my life. This documentary was going to be my senior project. After creating a couple of time lapses for my documentary I really got into it, and it then overlooked my documentary.

After seeing this Hyper-Lapse by Joenagraphy at UC Davis I got even more inspired. Now I had a reason to do more time lapses and this time it was for my school CSUEB. So far the lapses have been fun and yet time consuming. I’ve completed over 50 hours of time lapses and over 50 hours of post production work. The finished videos will be 3-4 minutes long and I forgot to include that I wanted to make the video more dynamic. I did that by adding aerial footage.

-Andy To Multimedia




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