CSUEB Electronic Art Seniors share their thoughts!

What inspires me?

When it comes to art what inspires me a lot are the animated movies created by Pixar, Dreamworks and Disney. I love the the beautiful background that they create in all their scenes and the characters that they come up with in all their movies. The colors are aways beautiful and there is always so much detail in everything which is what I love the most. A lot of times I am just blown away with how amazing everything looks visually. Watching the movies released by all these movie industries always motivates me to draw and illustrate and gives me that inspiration to create something just as beautiful that catches everyones eye and has a lot of detail. I also love the animation that is created and the story for each movie are always so interesting, everything is just so creative and well put together and I always get so excited when a new movie comes out and try to keep up with watching all of them. I really have a huge interest in illustration and storytelling and so when I see their work it makes me want to create something amazing like that.


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-Bharti Saini


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