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My Inspiration

Figuring out what inspires me is pretty hard. Especially at 2 am when I’m suppose to be sleeping. But sleeping is for the weak! Especially before finals!!

But for the most part Transformers. Not just Transformers in general though, but the cartoons. I’m mostly interested in Transformers: RescueBots.

It’s a show that’s targeted to 4 year olds but it has an amazing talent of pleasing adults who watch it as well. I love cartoon that doesn’t treat its audience as idiots. It’s fun and imaginative with a great story. I want to make a cartoon just as good as this one.

Other things that inspire me is story telling. I love telling stories. I could listen to my dad tell stories about his life over and over again. He’s so great at telling them I can’t get enough of it.

One last thing that really inspires me to make art is color. I freaking love color. If I can’t have color I’ll probably put some in there anyway. Color really helps bring something to life, give it personality and a mood. I think that’s why I’m really into cartoons and want to be an animator. I can put almost as much color as I want and it only makes it look better!


If you couldn’t have guessed this post was made by Taylor McCullough


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