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An Escape

What inspires me? Lots of things. I don’t turn to one particular source to spark my creativity. My inspiration comes from several different places. I get inspired when I watch an animation, play video games, or even listen to music. Sometimes when I’m outside, I see things that will suddenly inspire me. If we’re talking about specific artists that inspire me, then my number one inspiration would be Hayao Miyazaki. There is something about his stories that I feel a deep connection with. His animations bring me to another world, a world that I wish I could live in. With that being said, here are some images from Miyazaki’s work that inspire me the most.

house howls 1083_019812B.jpg spirited-away-001 spirited-away-2a

There is something so magical about his work and it is this magic that I would like to bring into this world. However, I want to diverge from the path of animation and bring magic to this world in another way. I love video games and I have been playing games all of my life. I love the idea of creating a magical world that you can be fully immersed in where you are in control. Another inspiration of mine, as far as video games, would be the Syberia series created by Benoit Sokal. This was one of the most beautiful games I have ever played. It was visually stunning and the story was impeccable. It’s based on sad forgotten places that were once beautiful and full of life. The protagonist is on a quest to find the thing that people are no longer believe to exist. I feel like it is a metaphor for the magic that people are so disconnected from. Here are some images from the game.

Syberia_04_-_ValadilèneBarrockstadt University Inside

Sometimes people need an escape from this world. I want to be able to create a world that someone could escape to. There is a feeling that I can’t explain when I see an animation by Miyazaki, or when I play certain games. I guess the only word I could use is “magical”. For those of us who need more magic in their lives, i want to be able to create it. I want people to experience, if only a little, the feeling that I get when I become inspired.

– Christine Bui


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