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Motion Silhouette

So we all know how much I love a good pop-up, which is a lot. Earlier this quarter Janet Green sent me a link to this artist who has created a type of pop-up I have never seen before. He calls them motion silhouettes but in the simplest terms they are pop-up book pages that cast a dynamic shadow that alters the background image. Each page has two separate background images and the cast shadow from the pop-up interacts differently with each image.

Check out the book here and watch the videos

I loved the simplicity of his designs and would love to incorporate this idea but with a lot more color. It also inspired parts of my senior project with that I wanted to have an interactivity element to the pop-ups in the invitations.


Inspiring Food article and Cafe

I love food in general.  Recently, I found a magazine called Prevention.  I love how their use of vector arts in articles. In one of their food series “Healthy Food Face-Off” is comparing two foods under the same category and see which one has more nutrition.  It’s fun to read and I get the facts about the food we eat.  Check out this series here

Another inspiring place is the Namoo Korean dessert Cafe. I found their images through Pinterest. Unfortunately, they do not have a website, but I found a few Google images and blogs about this restaurant.  To me, their decor is cozy yet contemporary. Their menu is cute and fun to read. This place definitely gave me inspiration and motivation to get my senior project done.

Featured imageFeatured imageFeatured imageFeatured image

Featured image

Art Changing Inspirations

So thinking of all the things that have inspired me lately, I decided to look back at the works that have changed everything that I created from that point on. What I found were two works, the animation Kiwi! by Dony Permedi, and the video game Limbo by Playdead. Both these works use music and the actions of their characters, instead of words, to tell their story. I now personally believe that if I can not tell a story without using words, then I am not a good story teller.



Limbo Trailer:


-Scott Colvin

A few Artists From Deviantart

A few years ago I used to go on, heavily. I believe this website helped me become the artist that I am today. I found a ton of inspiration on this site which encouraged me to think outside the box as well as pushed my limits as an artist in ways that I did not know I was capable of. Receiving positive feedback from artists, are very encouraging. And making friends on deviantart is also fun! Here are a few artists that I have been watching for a few years on deviant art, that I find inspiring.


Jace Walace





– Olivia Smith

Usugrow – MMarquez

I have always been into the use of black and white art in many forms. I have been following the artist Usugrow for a long time. I have attended a couple of his shows and have some of his shirts.

Usugrow is a Japanese artist who is known for black and white illustration of skulls, ink work, and lettering. He began his career creating flyers, and because the budget was minimal, his use of black and white came about for economical reasons.

IMG_4702_Usugrow-10_4_14-Upper-Playground-SFKokuten-shijima-upperplayground gal_artist_96_1950_usugrow1  usugro USUGROW_SKULL_HAIR vaderjap1

Check out more of his work here

Here we are less than a month away from graduating, but it’s only scratching the surface on what we will be learning and experiencing in our lifetime. Just because we are not professional graphic designers doesn’t mean we all couldn’t learn a new trick or two. The art world great, inspiration can come from anything, and by adding new tools to your repertoire you will be finding more and more neat ideas for your next project. When looking for inspiration look outside of graphic design, and come up with something new and game changing.

Check out these websites below for great tools and tutorials. These are just the ones that made it on to the list, but other websites such as are great for learning motion graphics. The best teach themselves whenever they have the opportunity.


But why just stop at education. It’s a great time to be an artist and we don’t need to stop at knowledge. We are all really here so we don’t get stuck working retail jobs working till 5 AM on black Friday. The internet is full of places to market ourselves. Again think outside of your field. Use video ( to market your paintings, use kickstarter ( to start a project. Freelancing isn’t the only way to be self employed, and just because you are freelancing doesn’t mean you need to do it alone. I don’t want to hear you that you don’t have the resources when most are just a website or an email away.

I don’t want to end this with a clique “I believe in you,” and “You can do it.” So just go out there and make something you love you bozos.


Also check this out <- it’s like kickstarter for artists of all kinds.

Illustrations & Parallax

Who doesn’t love captivating illustrations and posters? I love illustrations! There are so many different styles and there is an infinite amount of what you can create. I’m heavily inspired by Ralph Steadman, Alex Pardee, Scotty Young (google these guys if you dont know them!), and so many other illustrators/artists. But the person that recently held my interest was Michel Victor. He combines after effects with his digital paintings and creates these wonderful and sometimes eery animations. After researching some stuff about after effects, I came across some parallax animations and that stuff just blew my mind. After effects is amazing! You have to learn this program or at least try it out.

-Fidel Trinchera

There are some of the artists work.

Michel Victor

Michel Victor

Scotty Young

Scotty Young

Ralph Steadman

Ralph Steadman

Vexel Illustration

Vexel is a neologism for an entirely pixel-based form of raster art that imitates the visual appearance of vector graphics technique (i.e. sharp-edged lines and areas of flat colour or smooth gradient fills). The word “vexel” was created based on work appearing to be vector art, but was on raster layers… layers which consist of pixels. Thus “vector” and “pixel” were combined to create the word we now know as “vexel”.

So basically, I wish I had found out about this medium sooner, to use on my Senior Project. This medium is flawless, incredibly sharp and smooth. It doesn’t look like just shapes. The examples I’ve posted below, look like photographs, and yet they aren’t, their illustrated.

As soon as we graduate, I’d love to begin learning to create vexel illustrations and portraits. I am so eager to start now, but I’ve got plenty on my plate already.


Here are some examples of vexel illustrations.


03-500x620 10585389_821439427879488_2143017259_n a131c6409f0b8730b12eb6ad33ccf00b Jennifer-Aniston-Vexel- Vexel-Art-Illustrations-6


Told ya, they are astounding pieces and are mind blowing.. Here are a few links to some tutorials



-Melissa Cecaci


Inspiration: Codibear

I typically love all kinds of art from traditional to digital, but lately I’ve been leaning towards digital art. I just love how the colors all blend together and what not. I follow a lot of artists on deviantArt. There are many awesome artists out there that just love to show off their art to the world. I try to follow as many artist and support them along the way. I artist that stuck out to me was Codi Calcaterra aka Codibear. She is a digital artist that is based in Orange County, CA. She is a total Disney nerd and loves to do digital painting. She does a lot of fan art of different movies and cartoons as well as her own original art. What drew me to her artwork was the cartoonish art style of drawing. Her style of drawing actually reminds me a little bit of the Adventure Time. I was always loved cartoon drawings of any style especially when they’re cute and very colorful.

– Danielle Francisco

I love all her art work and its so hard to choose my favorite ones so here are a few of her pieces that I thought were pretty cute and awesome! To view more of her work visit her deviantArt page

Lets Keep the Earth Green

I chose to make an animation about how to keep the planet earth green. It basically came from my daily experiences at my kids elementary school. Based on what I see at Stonebrae elementary school every day, kids are not involved in recycling and reducing the pollution from the earth as much as most adults are. However, this does not surprise me because kids are still learning.

Every single day on my way to their classrooms I see a few plastic ziplock bags and few water bottle and some papers here and there on the school ground. Kids carelessly throw those items away everywhere. I pick them up and put them into their right bins.

So I decided to direct my senior project theme to kids between ages 5-11 attention. This will be about how to keep the earth green and who is responsible for this action. As audience they will hopefully learn a lot from this animation.  I illustrated my graphics in adobe illustrator then I pasted them in photoshop to save them for the web for a higher quality and resolution.

I also rehearsed filming and sound recording for quite a few times until I got a good video of kids song. Using Final Cut Pro was another pleasure in this project by which I edited both the background music played by my son and the song at the end of animation.

Palwasha Safi


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