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Flat Design/Illustration

For the past year I’ve really been inspired by flat design and illustration. I’ve incorporated this style into a lot of my own works and I keep trying to use it to help inspire my own style.

I think the first time I noticed flat design/illustration was through my instagram feed. I follow this artist, Michael Walkchalk, who does illustrations and design for the Phoenix Suns NBA team. He did a portrait series of NBA players all in a flat illustration style that really sparked my interest.

lebronius 2

Lebron James by Michael Walchalk



Rocket by Michael Walchalk


The amazing part is, this whole new style or revolution even, was happening before my eyes without me even noticing. After going through Walchalk’s feed, I noticed the icons on my phone had the same style. The further and further I ventured into flat design, the more I noticed how much it has become part of everyday design life. What really inspires me about flat design is how clean and sharp it looks. I plan on continuing to utilize this style and eventually come up with something that truly is me.





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