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Inspiration: Codibear

I typically love all kinds of art from traditional to digital, but lately I’ve been leaning towards digital art. I just love how the colors all blend together and what not. I follow a lot of artists on deviantArt. There are many awesome artists out there that just love to show off their art to the world. I try to follow as many artist and support them along the way. I artist that stuck out to me was Codi Calcaterra aka Codibear. She is a digital artist that is based in Orange County, CA. She is a total Disney nerd and loves to do digital painting. She does a lot of fan art of different movies and cartoons as well as her own original art. What drew me to her artwork was the cartoonish art style of drawing. Her style of drawing actually reminds me a little bit of the Adventure Time. I was always loved cartoon drawings of any style especially when they’re cute and very colorful.

– Danielle Francisco

I love all her art work and its so hard to choose my favorite ones so here are a few of her pieces that I thought were pretty cute and awesome! To view more of her work visit her deviantArt page


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