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Inspirational Watercolor Artist

Diane Pope is a great watercolor artist who enjoys painting birds, flowers, animals, and landscapes. I actually got to meet her at a craft show in Napa and really loved her paintings, so much so, that I wanted to buy one of her pieces. I thought it was really interesting that she taught herself how to work with watercolors which is a tough medium to use.

Watercolor is something that I’ve always wanted to try but have not gotten around to it yet. I love the look and feel of watercolor and how things can look splotchy and watery and detailed and precise all in the same artwork.

My favorite piece that she has done is the Trio of Turtles (shown below), which is the one that I wanted to buy. The only reason I didn’t, was because it was out of my price range. Overall, it was really fun to meet her. I really enjoyed seeing her work and her use of watercolor is very inspiring.

-Jennifer Tatarian

Here are some of her pieces!

Diane Pope Trio of Turtles watercolor Diane Pope hummingbird watercolor Diane Pope koi fish watercolor Diane Pope bird watercolor


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