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Lets Keep the Earth Green

I chose to make an animation about how to keep the planet earth green. It basically came from my daily experiences at my kids elementary school. Based on what I see at Stonebrae elementary school every day, kids are not involved in recycling and reducing the pollution from the earth as much as most adults are. However, this does not surprise me because kids are still learning.

Every single day on my way to their classrooms I see a few plastic ziplock bags and few water bottle and some papers here and there on the school ground. Kids carelessly throw those items away everywhere. I pick them up and put them into their right bins.

So I decided to direct my senior project theme to kids between ages 5-11 attention. This will be about how to keep the earth green and who is responsible for this action. As audience they will hopefully learn a lot from this animation.  I illustrated my graphics in adobe illustrator then I pasted them in photoshop to save them for the web for a higher quality and resolution.

I also rehearsed filming and sound recording for quite a few times until I got a good video of kids song. Using Final Cut Pro was another pleasure in this project by which I edited both the background music played by my son and the song at the end of animation.

Palwasha Safi



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