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Video Editing Inspiration

I am interested in Video Editing and I love seeing videos that are very creatively and technically done. I lean towards videos that edits in slow motion to fast speed with some what of a documentary style. I like how it conveys emotion and the style technique can be so effective that it will spark an interest.

I like the style of how this video was edited.

-Laurie Meas


Short Animated Films

I have always been interested in making short story animated films. Watching some brilliant animations at  is really inspiring for whoever is in this field. You can see the power of multimedia how fantastically combines all the tiny movements and details all in one short glance. From my own experiences, creating animation takes a lot of creativity, practices, and patience. I feel fortunate for being introduced to some degree with animation process during my studies at CSUEB, but I would love to enhance this skill to accomplish more.

Creating animations always consumes time to a really high level. Some of the Disney animations took the production team years of hard work and creativity. Rendering is another issue that requires a good amount of time. I am most interested in After Effects animations since you can play with the graphics and text at the same time. However, After Effects rendering consumes a long period of time. So if you ever want to make an animation with After Effects please be ready and manage your time accordingly.

Palwasha Safi

Parallax Scrolling Websites

I love parallax scrolling websites and wanted to share some details here.

Parallax Scrolling is one of the latest trends in web design. The trend began with the very first parallax website for Nike “Nike Better World” in 2011. It is growing in popularity across the internet, bringing the user experience to a new interactive level of online viewing. Parallax scrolling has taken hold as the new frontier of user experience as it provides engaging visuals.

Parallax Scrolling was originally created for the video game industry as a “special effects” technique to give the audience an illusion of depth.

In parallax scrolling websites, the background moves at a slower rate compared to the foreground, creating a 3D effect as you scroll down the page for an impressive visual effect that allows for countless creative applications for online storytelling and create the illusion of depth. Parallax design gives websites a great opportunity to:

  • Impress viewers with page depth and animation
  • Make users stay longer by engaging the visitors to scroll through the entire page.
  • Provoke curiosity
  • Direct visitors to calls to action

A few more things to keep in mind when you’re designing a parallax website are:

  •    Keep it simple, don’t overdo it.
  •    Use it to tell a visual story
  •    Make it fun and engaging with depth using layering
  •    Emphasize calls to action when directing the visitor through the site
  •    Plan and target the browsers and mobile browsing

You could create a parallax website through pure JavaScript or CSS. However, it is better to use a library for easier implementation on an existing project. Here are 3 libraries you should check out first.

Some of my favorite parallax sites:

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