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The Unwanted Life

For my final senior project I decided to create a documentary of a person who is a witness and victim to the war in Afghanistan. At first I didn’t know what I was going to do my final on, but after talking to my peers I decided work on something that had a strong and deep meaning. I decided to make a documentary about a prisoner who has went through war. For this project I had to go watch a lot of documentary type videos on youtube to get an idea of how to create it. After countless hours, recording and comments from my friends and family I put together a small documentary.


Maryam Haider


Acts of Kindness

I chose to create a film on acts of kindness based on personal experiences that I had and the kindness that I’ve noticed around me. What really drove me to stick through with this video was the constant reminder to myself that because my day isn’t going to well, I can always cheer someone else’s day and make their day a little more special by talking to them or buy them a cup of coffee.

The one thing I try my best to do is surround myself with positive people and keep the vibe around me positive. I want others to look at the positives in life and not so much of the negatives. I hear people speak negative to often that I want them to open their eyes to the helping hands of others.

So my multimedia senior project is about acts of kindness. Whether these kindness are to people you know or complete strangers, an act of kindness can spiral and cause a ripple effect. Opening up our world and sharing it with the people that are around us are what makes life a beautiful joy.

The video linked below is one of the many videos that have inspired me.

– Laura Meas

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