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The Unwanted Life

For my final senior project I decided to create a documentary of a person who is a witness and victim to the war in Afghanistan. At first I didn’t know what I was going to do my final on, but after talking to my peers I decided work on something that had a strong and deep meaning. I decided to make a documentary about a prisoner who has went through war. For this project I had to go watch a lot of documentary type videos on youtube to get an idea of how to create it. After countless hours, recording and comments from my friends and family I put together a small documentary.


Maryam Haider


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2 thoughts on “The Unwanted Life

  1. Were there any documentaries that particularly inspired you? (besides your own…)

    • Maryam Haider on said:

      Yes. There were quite a few. I really liked “Real Women. Real stories. The real Afghanistan” and “Prisoners of Tradition: Women in Afghanistan”. There were many others but I felt like I could relate to these more.

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