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Design Inspiration

I’ve had a lot of inspiration in my time as a student of Graphic Design. A lot of my inspiration is found in my studies at school. One of the biggest inspirations for me has been Swiss Design and the International Typographic Style, specifically Armin Hofmann and Josef Muller-Brockmann. They both use type and image in a way that makes the most sense to me, it conveys the message in the simplest and most effective way. The Swiss design style is about simplicity and using the least amount of information to convey the message. We are visual communicators, our job is to communicate a message. This style is very effective in communicating the message and current trends in design are following their example (companies like Apple and Google come to mind, flat design, sans-serif type). Armin Hoffman and Josef Muller-Brocmann break design down to its simplest form. Its not about filling the page or filling all of the space, its about the message. Sometimes the simplest way is the easiest and most effective.


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