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Taking Care of my friend’s toy store. (Chien Tran)

When my friend ask me to help him run a  his toy store over the weekend, I say hell yeah. who doesn’t want to run a toy store when they were young?  The experience of running a toy was awesome and a dream come true. Working at Zonkey make me feel young and bring back a lot of childhood memory.  I get to look at collectable toys and sales toys to the customers. My favorite part was talk to the customers the toy we have in the toys and the toy collection we have at home.  Overall working here has been a great experience and one day I hope to open up my own toy store.  So if you in San Jose and have some free time come visit Zonkey located in Japan Town.  #onecandream #toys #moretoys #nerdrage # Zonkey

Photo on 5-30-15 at 5.47 PM Photo on 5-30-15 at 5.45 PM



What mainly inspired me to create a 2D animation were the many Disney and Dreamworks films I saw growing up. I fell in love with the stories of adventure and discovery, of worlds so bright and wonderful that they instilled in me a longing for my own adventure.

Kingdom_Hearts_by_Sor4 ffxiii

Another major inspiration for me are RPG video games such as Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts as they mainly focus on the characters and their developing stories. The added interactivity allows me to completely immerse myself in their games, which serves to further inspire my wish to create a story of my own.

My Inspiration: Audrey Kawasaki

Recently, most of my inspirations have come from a particular artist named Audrey Kawasaki. She’s a painter from Los Angeles, California. Audrey Kawasaki graduated from Pratt Institute in New York City. Her work portrays young beautiful women from in erotic poses accompanied with intricate designs to make a cohesive piece. I draw inspiration from her because we have similar art styles. Her love of wooden backgrounds and the soft adolescent face of Audrey’s characters ignites my creative flow.


I understand that her work is not graphic design oriented but the importance of appreciating fine arts is imperative in design. I plan to create a style in Graphic Design that implements the fine arts. (Going back to basics)




– Christopher Giron

The Illustrator

A good short documentary on graphic design and illustration.


I chose this video for two reasons. One is that the video itself is a nicely shot documentary. “The Idea of Design is change” this short documentary is the story of Ben Weeks a graphic designer and illustrator.

Design is something that’s always changing, which means your own style changes constantly. Look at other peoples work for inspiration and change your style, add contemporary art rules and don’t go by your first idea. first ideas are usually the most obvious.



-Andrew Waldman


I was inspired by League of Legends artwork for their login screens for my illustrated animations. I was also inspired by many other artists like Sakimichan and Genzoman for their painting styles. I guess it became even more after I started Pinterest and ended up having over 8,000 pins of pictures that I found inspiring. I am a fan of creative writing and I hope that I can keep improving my illustration skills in order to be able to draw out what my characters look like. I am also an avid fan of videogames, playing them or watching others play them. Second Critique PDF


-Alyssa L.


I have been doing a lot of research this quarter for my senior project. For my senior project I am creating a series of short animations for a number of songs produced by my friend’s band named “Crime Bison”. I was inspired by their music because it is alternative rock with a very different, fun sound to it. The way that they sound reminds me a lot of the band “Portugal. The Man” who is another experimental, alternative rock band so I started researching some of their artwork. The graphic artists I was inspired by is Austin Sellers, he does the album and poster art for “Portugal. The Man” along with the lead vocalist of the band John Gourley. I started researching more of Austin’s work and was amazed at his creativity. I was inspired by his line work and unique designs. I’m using this influence and inspiration to create colorful and unique designs for my animations and logo designs for “Crime Bison”.

-Kylie Gamez



What Inspired me to do a 3D animation was a combination of movies and video games. One of my favorite movies is Starship Troopers. Parts I especially like from the movie were any with the Bug Aliens. I loved the bugs as the enemy. So I took that idea and added that with some video games. Another movie I enjoyed a lot is Terminator. Especially the second one. So I wanted my robot like that. So combining the two would be a start but I needed a reason to bring them together. So humans would be the best option. I then looked toward video games and picked Killzone. The idea of a human civil war bringing everything together would be perfect. So I took common elements from movies and games and simply made them into my idea.


My project is something I have been mulling over a lot. I didn’t know if I wanted to do it at times, because I was worried about any backlash or being called weird. But after being reassured a lot, even consulting Suzy, I realized that it’s better that I say something about it rather than one of the more tame ideas I kept as a back-up.

For those who don’t remember, my project is taking male characters and posing/dressing them in ways that female characters are often drawn. There are many inane justifications for why female characters are often drawn in ridiculous clothing, and many people are so used to seeing it that it has become normal to them, so I thought the best way to provide a counterpoint is to display the same thing on male characters.

The movement that inspired this idea is called The Hawkeye Initiative. It really caught on like a year ago, and while it’s faded, these days you can still occasionally see art in the same vein. See also this comic for the inevitable attempt at a rebuttal about the standards of men in media when this argument is raised. All objectification is bad and society places too much value on appearance, but there is a difference in the way media handles these different physical ideals.

Fear the comments sections, where the point flies so far over the heads of some people, they probably couldn’t even hear the whooshing sound as it did. As well as statements that are reducible to “neener neener neener” and “I know more about women than they do”. People like that is what made me, a quiet person to start with, worried about making a project with this idea as the center. But I do appreciate the encouragement people have given me and the positive reactions. I still have a ways to go with drawing good figures, but I think this has also helped me to use all different skills.



I find inspiration in so many places. I have always loved the work of Mary Blair. Her work has influenced me my whole life. I love the environments she creates.

Mary Blair two giraffes From “The Colors of Mary Blair” reposted from

I strive to have narrative told thorough pictures and sound. Words can be helpful, but creativity I want the images to stand on their own. This is always a challenge, especially in different mediums. Because I love animation, I find myself increasingly using the pen tool Adobe programs to draw in vectors and get refinement I need. Ideally, I want to have more painterly subjects but animating them can be difficult. In my latest project I’m creating everything in Illustrator and bringing that into Flash to animate the parts.

Here is my character, Clara and a tree I created.

Clara the cat by Lorraine Kline

Clara the cat by Lorraine Kline

Tree by Lorraine Kline

Tree by Lorraine Kline

Lorraine Kline

What Artists inspired me

There are actually three artists that actually inspired me. Back then, I would draw a lot ever since elementary and my drawings were really crappy. I would give up easily on drawing but, draw just for fun. My drawings are not even close to my drawing skills right now. I was a anime fan and I wanted to draw anime so bad, but I can never draw anime it would look distorted and terrible. One of my friends from online named, Chu-ritsu inspired me to draw. I would see her drawings and sometimes I would see her draw live. She was willingly to teach me how to draw anime. Then, I was so inspired that I bought a graphic tablet and I know it would benefit me for my projects at school. So, I developed an art style that would be similar to her but, not as exactly like her. However, one day Chu-ritsu disappear and become inactive online. Maybe, she still out there, I really don’t know. Next, the anatomy of people would be another issue for me because I would draw them like they are distorted. My second artist that inspired me would be my professor named, Grace Manakata from Figure drawing at cal state helped me on drawing anatomy. The third artist would be my friend Kristine Sandoval that her drawing style of anime was really different from chu-ritsu but, she have a very unique style of drawing anime. So, I observed her drawings and analyze them. I decided to mixed everything up what I learn and apply it my drawings. However, I am still practicing drawing.


Chu-Ritsu’s drawing


Kristine’s Drawing

ldr thumbnail

My drawing.

-Jeffrey Clemente

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