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What Artists inspired me

There are actually three artists that actually inspired me. Back then, I would draw a lot ever since elementary and my drawings were really crappy. I would give up easily on drawing but, draw just for fun. My drawings are not even close to my drawing skills right now. I was a anime fan and I wanted to draw anime so bad, but I can never draw anime it would look distorted and terrible. One of my friends from online named, Chu-ritsu inspired me to draw. I would see her drawings and sometimes I would see her draw live. She was willingly to teach me how to draw anime. Then, I was so inspired that I bought a graphic tablet and I know it would benefit me for my projects at school. So, I developed an art style that would be similar to her but, not as exactly like her. However, one day Chu-ritsu disappear and become inactive online. Maybe, she still out there, I really don’t know. Next, the anatomy of people would be another issue for me because I would draw them like they are distorted. My second artist that inspired me would be my professor named, Grace Manakata from Figure drawing at cal state helped me on drawing anatomy. The third artist would be my friend Kristine Sandoval that her drawing style of anime was really different from chu-ritsu but, she have a very unique style of drawing anime. So, I observed her drawings and analyze them. I decided to mixed everything up what I learn and apply it my drawings. However, I am still practicing drawing.


Chu-Ritsu’s drawing


Kristine’s Drawing

ldr thumbnail

My drawing.

-Jeffrey Clemente


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