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My project is something I have been mulling over a lot. I didn’t know if I wanted to do it at times, because I was worried about any backlash or being called weird. But after being reassured a lot, even consulting Suzy, I realized that it’s better that I say something about it rather than one of the more tame ideas I kept as a back-up.

For those who don’t remember, my project is taking male characters and posing/dressing them in ways that female characters are often drawn. There are many inane justifications for why female characters are often drawn in ridiculous clothing, and many people are so used to seeing it that it has become normal to them, so I thought the best way to provide a counterpoint is to display the same thing on male characters.

The movement that inspired this idea is called The Hawkeye Initiative. It really caught on like a year ago, and while it’s faded, these days you can still occasionally see art in the same vein. See also this comic for the inevitable attempt at a rebuttal about the standards of men in media when this argument is raised. All objectification is bad and society places too much value on appearance, but there is a difference in the way media handles these different physical ideals.

Fear the comments sections, where the point flies so far over the heads of some people, they probably couldn’t even hear the whooshing sound as it did. As well as statements that are reducible to “neener neener neener” and “I know more about women than they do”. People like that is what made me, a quiet person to start with, worried about making a project with this idea as the center. But I do appreciate the encouragement people have given me and the positive reactions. I still have a ways to go with drawing good figures, but I think this has also helped me to use all different skills.



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