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The Love of Cosplay


So for my senior project I made a documentary about myself about making a costume for a convention from the start to the very end. I been making costumes since 2006, and I do this for a hobby I love. I choose this idea, because I wanted to make an excuse to work on a costume, as well as combine it somehow with my multimedia major for senior project. So I just combined the two ideas together and started working on the project after approval. What really helped me with my video project was getting feedback during the mid term, and the direction of my movie was going towards. I wasn’t thinking of my film as a movie, as from people have told me my film was more like a youtube video. I had to rethink my approach at this film, and after watching a few movies I finally realize what I was doing wrong. From there I redid my intro, showed it again to everyone, and got a much better response. So since then I been taking footage of myself working on the costume, and editing all the videos in After Effects to complete the film. I think the hardest part of me was that since I didn’t have a second person helping me with the camera I had to rely on a few things like images, and friends filming me with their iphones. Other then that I am pretty happy with how the film is turning out so far. By the time this posts goes up, I would be nearly done editing the film together, and shown to the class for the Final. The reason for choosing for documentary style film, was that I have done short films before in this style. So I stuck to what I know, and just used me in this film as the main center point.

Short Film I did

I think taking up the task of making a costume, and filming at the same time was not probably I should do again in the future. Having a month to complete a costume, on top of working on the film, and editing was very hard. But if anything this will help me prepare myself for the work world out there for deadlines pushed on me. If it were an easier costume I might of been able to complete the costume way in advance, but nope I decided to take on the harder route of making a difficult costume. After a good amount of work though, I feel that this film shows the ups, and downs of working on cosplay. From the very highs of being excited to the very lows to nearly throwing my sewing machine. In the end this was a great learning experience, as well as a challenge for me. My inspiration for this film, was no one in particular. Only thing I wanted to do was show how much love I have for this hobby through artistic means of film. I can point out that I really enjoy videos I see on youtube of people being able to create these great special effects using After Effects, or the Epic Rap Battles of history, but overall I just wanted to show off the process of what a cosplayer has to go through.


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