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Inspirational People

I was not always into photography. I enjoyed randomly taking pictures to have memories of friends or family, but I never took photos just to take them until I took a mandatory photography class for my Multimedia major and once I got started, I got hooked. It was around that time that Andy To was really starting to flourish, he was going out and doing videography as well as doing photography internships.

I had known him from working at a office supply retail store and it was nice to know someone at school, but when I saw his work I was amazed. Even more amazing was his work ethic and dedication. He was always working, barley ever sleeping and here I was with my one part time job and three classes a quarter. His drive drove me and made me seek out photographers that were wiling to take me on as an intern. I was scared and unsure, but knew that this was something that I wanted to do and Andy made me realize that it was something that I could do. 

Looking back, even while he was working on his senior project I waved hello in passing and he stopped me, motioning for me to come over. That day he taught me how to do time lapses. He had taken the time out of his own project to teach me and that taught me to always be open to helping others. You are never too busy to help someone else.

After that other people joined the group of who was inspirational to me. Photographers: Dorean Raye with her love of making beautiful memories for her clients, Erika Jones and her business savviness, Nikki Walker-Vaughn and her familiar willingness to help, as well as Robert J. Lopez and his obvious love of the craft.

These people drive me to never quit and to keep faith in myself.

– Kandice Chandler


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