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Senior Project – My Inspiration

The inspiration for my Wide Awake Tour concert packaging comes from music and the message/art that comes from it. A major artist which had a huge impact on this project is Erykah Badu. She is known to be a queen of neo-soul. Her music does not only portray positivity, but life itself; whether it is coming from heartbreaks, discovering strength in oneself, gaining wisdom, or going through tough times in order to see the purpose through life. The pictures and illustrations used on her album covers and posters also represent abstractness and originality.

An artist which has an impact on the visual aspect of my project is Bernard Villemot. His posters did not have much detail on them, but they were always visually appealing because  of the interesting shapes and colors he used for each element of the poster. My favorite art piece from him is, “Bally Kick.” It has a woman with a white and black polka dot dress on and she has her foot in the air to display her black and orange heel. Behind her foot you will find a man’s foot in a silhouette form. In my eyes I find it subtle, yet powerful because it visually leads your eyes throughout the whole poster.

Samira F.



Webcomics are a growing medium, and finding the ones that have great art and writing aren’t as hard as you think. The reason that I wanted to try out comics for my senior project was to test out both of my art and writing capabilities. Here’s a few of my favorites.

Gunnerkrigg Court is one of my favorites, because like some other comics I’ve read, there steady improvement in the art as the main character grows.

Dresden Codak, particularly Dark Science, has a paintery style that I like which influenced some of my finished illustrations. The creator might not be much of a writer, but the art somewhat makes up for it through every update.

  • Connie T.

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