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Art Inspiration


A lot of my artwork tends to focus on simplified illustrations rather than digital paintings, but recently I have become more interested in expanding my digital art and illustration skills. One artist that I have always looked to for inspiration in those aspects is loish. I have been a fan of hers for quite some time and I keep up with her work on DeviantArt. Her artwork is just beautiful and I especially love her unique use of color. I tend to look to her art if I am trying to think of ways to combine colors to help communicate my message more effectively. The different combinations of colors that she uses in all of her pieces really help to convey certain moods.


I also really appreciate the way loish can create unique looking characters while still staying true to her art style. When drawing, I frequently look to her artwork in order to understand how to do more than just create characters with the same face and different hairstyles. She has a solid understanding of anatomy along with a wonderful sense of style and composition, not to mention a very creative mind that any artist can take inspiration from.



Michelle Smith



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