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Inspirational websites and quotes


Unfortunately, I can not really think of anyone at the moment who currently inspires me.

Although… Inspiration is everywhere.

Inspiration can be drawn from anything, anyone, anytime. I would say most of my inspiration comes from experiencing things. By action, by doing, by possibly observing from afar. Inspiration can come from your favorite music (mine often does), or from an emotional experience of the past or even by delving deeper into the future.

Talking to like-minded peers can be inspiring. I often find teachers to be inspiring. I seek towards professionals in the industry for inspiration.

Some websites I draw inspiration from are:






That’s enough inspiration. I was told to leave some wisdom.

So here are some quotes or mottos that I strive to live by each and err’y day.

  • Remain teachable 
  • Stay humble
  • Time is money
  • Work as much as possible, whenever possible
  • Failure is great, it allows you to grow and learn something new
  • Mistakes will be made quite often, so allow 2-3 revisions to get something write right
  • Act now, think later
  • The first attempt is always the most difficult
  • If you are scared about doing something you never did before, then do it. That feeling is not so great, but the reward will usually outweigh the first feeling you had when you started the project. 
  • Trust the system even though you are blind
  • Faith in something is necessary 
  • If you don’t ask, you won’t be heard


Feel free to hit me up about anything. I am happy to help in the ways I can, and will leverage my network of resources at your dispense.

View my portfolio at

Martin Djobadze




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