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Artistic Inspiration

When it comes to inspiration for my art, I find myself drawn to the paintings of Holly Sierra. Her illustrations are bright and her content is related to spiritual and magical topics. She illustrates the cover of Sage Woman, a magazine for New Age spirituality. Her art is greatly involved with detail, bright colors, and patterns. While our styles are different, much of the content is very similar. She has a large body of illustrated work and is well known for her beautiful work in the Chrysalis Tarot. She greatly inspires me due to the creation of this deck and the work she has done in the New Age spiritual community. Because this is the kind of work I plan on doing in the future and I have plans for my own tarot and oracle deck, I find her to be a motivation. Her art and creative process is also featured in the Chrysalis Tarot companion book. She describes that she is driven by nature, spiritual lore, and cultures around the world. These are some of the very same things that inspire my process. Another big inspiration of mine is dance, which is also a strong element in her work.-Mary McAnulty

More of her art can be found at her website:

holly sierraholly sierra dancersquan-yin-holly-sierra





holly sierra2






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