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Artist Inspiration |Kuvshinov Ilya

While going into school to study design, most of my work generally geared towards vector art. Seeing that design and art could be so broad, I always branch out for other ideas and work that I find interesting. Seeing that animation is another form of art I’m interested into, I stumbled into one artist that recently caught my attention this past year is a Freelance Illustrator and Comic book artist by the named of Kuvshinov Ilya. Though he doesn’t do animation, his art pieces is up to par to the similar style manga japan has. Ilya is from Russia based designer but moved to Yokohoma Japan. A lot of his artwork has Japanese manga influence but has a Russian style comic.


I really like his use of color and his way of rendering realism but has the characteristics of a manga of a comic book. Some are very vibrant and some have more of a darker pallet. One study he does that I find very inspiring is he sketches individuals are train stations in japan. He always brings his sketch book because everyone he draws is different and always a challenge. I took this practice with me and made it a habit.


His illustration might be really great but what got me super interested in him is his way he can illustrate landscape behind his subjects. It was the main reason why I really respected his work and the amount of detail he can input with different digital art brushes.


He also plays with different eye movement and focal points with his art pieces. Some of them illustrate motion and have a blurred background. It really keeps your eye moving from the subject to the background.

He also offer tutorials of step-by-step moves for his work on his Patreon website for people who likes his style of illustration.


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One thought on “Artist Inspiration |Kuvshinov Ilya

  1. awesome work of art!

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