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Doraemon, A Part of The Childhood


I never knew being a graphic designer would be my career in the future, but I always loved and enjoyed reading manga when I was a kid. My very first manga that I read was Doraemon. The manga was about a robot called Doraemon built in a human form from the future that went back in time to help his owner, Nobita. Doraemon was not a normal robot, he had a magic pouch that kept all the technology equipment from future within it. Nobita would be a genius engineer in the future, he invented a lot of machines and tools which went over human’s imagination, such as, time machine, flying bamboo stick, and a door that goes through space. However, in the past, he was a normal kid that got picked on by his friends and had the lowest grade in his class. With all the technology tools, Doraemon helped Nobita to conquer his struggling and to be a better person. The drawing in this manga is very simple, all the characters were easily to hand draw copy. I had tried to copy the drawing style and started to draw all the characters from different scene that I liked from the manga book. After that manga, I started passion for drawing and all the different kind arts. I loved to draw every characters that was liked in the manga I have read. That gave me an idea that I wanted to become an artist for my future career. That is reason why I pick graphic designer as my major. My style tends to be Japanese cuteness and simplistic hand drawing because manga, especially Doraemon, has inspired me to challenge my artwork in this field and forming my own style.



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