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Stylistic Inspiration

Hey artchatter! I’m Sabbath Riojas. I’m working on creating a fictitious cartoon series, this will include: A ‘commercial’, posters promoting the series, and a DVD box set of the series (and THAT includes a box design, dvd case designs, and dvd disc designs). A lot of my inspiration for this project comes from Japanese culture: anime style cartoons, J-fashion, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, and the supernatural.

This specific project draws inspiration from Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s music video “Fashion Monster”. The video is about a girl who wants the freedom to wear what she wants without being judged by society. While she sings, she is surrounded by other “fashion monsters” in a haunted house.


While I had created monster characters before, characters that were born on binder paper and came to be on twitter, I felt this was the time to utilize them in something bigger. I thought it would be interesting to focus on monster designs with their own theme of fashion. My main characters are based on decora and lolita. Decora in based on bright colors and, well, “decorations”.



While Lolita is the revolutionary style that let Japanese girls wear feminine clothes without being sexualized. [That is until the book Lolita came around and started drama, but that’s a subject for a whole other post].



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