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Artistic Inspiration

I have always been passionate about health, art, nature, and my Indian background. About 7 months ago, my parents visited to India and went to a naturopathy camp that got me thinking about the natural medicine and spices we use traditionally, such as drinking hot turmeric milk for colds or taking triphala for indigestion. There is so much history behind natural medicine; I decided to research ayurveda and found that it is a lot more detailed than I thought.

Ayurveda is a system of medicine that uses certain practices and therapies that contribute to overall wellbeing, specifically catered to your dosha, which is the natural balance of energies in the body. Certain foods, habits, or activities can create an unbalance, which can be restored with meditation, healthy food, and natural supplements.

For my senior project, I chose packaging design for ayurvedic products, because packaging was one of my favorite projects in the CSUEB program. Also, I am starting to realize that not a lot of people are familiar with natural medicine or ayurveda. This project is a great way to show people alternatives to over-the-counter medicine that can help with both physical and mental wellness.

I believe that packaging is one of the most important parts of selling a product. The typography shows character, the graphics or lack of them create a story, and the colors further connect feelings.

Here are a few examples of packaging designs that inspired my own:

“Honey Made by Bees” – Designer: Maksi Marbuzov
It is minimal, sends a clear message through its shape and transparency, and is stackable.

Leaf – Art Director: Iva Jankov
The product is integrated nicely and the fonts give an elegant feminine feel. I especially like the texture created by the ripples that lead your eye to the product.

This floral box (not sure who designed it because the site is not in English)
The cut out design looks great and adds nice contrast. It is both elegant and modern, and has an organic/earthy feel.



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