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Art Inspiration – Ben Mangum

Hello everyone my name is Sean Singleton. For my Senior Project I decided to make an action oriented animation. I myself am not all that great of an animator so I am really blown away by any quality animation done by a single person or a small group of people. One such person is the artist described below. I found out about him by skimming through youtube and watching videos. His animation is smooth, his art style is fun and interesting, and he tells interesting stories.

One of the artists that has inspired me is Ben Mangum also know online as MysteryBen27. He is the creator of animated music videos for the band Mystery Skulls. He puts a lot of time and effort into making amazing animated work that has a Scooby-Doo essence to it. The art style is very nice as well as it is simple enough to allow for easier animation but it is still very polished. He only has two videos for the series so far but I am sure more will come in the future.

Here is the first video I saw from him. It is a music video for the song Ghost from Mystery Skulls and when I saw it I was speechless. I didn’t think such smooth, quality animation could come from a single person. I couldn’t stop watching the video for days because of how amazed I was. I tried to tell as many people about it as I could because this deserved more views. I will refrain from filling up this post with more of his videos as his Youtube is easily accessible. I encourage any and all animators to look at his Mystery Skulls videos as they are fun to watch and they look great.


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