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Art Inspiration

My senior project is a cookbook and blog centered around vegan cuisine. Naturally I looked at many cookbooks to research this subject matter, but the ones I took particular inspiration from were cooking brands that started online and on social media. I took inspiration from them because they had a strong sense of branding, and because of that, the possibilities were endless as far as designs go. Online blogs and personalities including Hot For Food, Jason Wrobel, and Oh She Glows inspired me because they are so multifaceted. Not only do they post recipes, but they also post content about health, living a balanced life and more. Taking inspiration from these creators made me feel less limited in what I could create for my project and made me think more about branding myself.

We’re living in an age where it can be smart to create an online presence first before creating something as big and costly as a cookbook. It’s a good way to publicize yourself, test the market, and make money. A successful Youtube channel will earn you a lot more money from ad revenue than a well-crafted cookbook oftentimes. In this day and age, businesses have to provide consumers with content on many levels in order to ensure their success.







I always like to look on bechance for inspiration and I came across this advertisement piece. I love vibrate colors, so this one caught my eye right away. I love how the pop art and photography co-exist in this piece. This advertisement was for a Middle East department store in Aizone. The designers are  Stefan Sagmeister and Jessica Walsh who used inspiration from Roy Lichtenstein, who brings art to life with vibrant pop art sensibility. Here’s a quote from Stefan Sagmeister and Jessica Walsh:

“Inspired by the art of Roy Lichtenstein, Sagmeister & Walsh’s Aizone campaign uses bright fluorescents, bold geometrical forms, and lots and lots of cross-hatches and polka dots. Although many of the products in the shots are ones that Aizone actually sells, they are contrasted by brightly colored papercraft props of plants, lemonade pitchers, vases, and more.”

This is what truly inspire me because they also thrive from other inspirations.



Art Inspiration——”Peiwen Farming and Weaving Pictures”

My final project is serious of food package designs for Good Grain’s blend grain rice. Good Grain is a new brand of carefully chosen organic grain rice. Good Grain promise that each grain of rice is from the prime area of grain source in America and has high quality. My major inspiration is from a Chinese ancient picture book named “Peiwen Farming and Weaving Pictures.” The book is painting by Qing Dynasty court painter Bingzhen Jiao in 1696. The book includes 46 pictures recording the Chinese ancient field jobs such as plowing, harrowing, seed drilling, cultivating, harvesting, weaving, etc. The book is the first agricultural science picture book in the world. The bold lines and smooth edge of figures create a gentle simple and elegant beauty. I found the style of the picture book matches Good Grain’s product very well. So I blend the Chinese traditional drawing into modern package design and giving the product a simple, unsophisticated, natural, organic and elegant style.

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My Inspiration: Gareth Procter

Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 12.15.20 PM

The Swan Hotel

Gareth Procter is an Australian brand designer and creative director. In his ten years of experience he has created some terrific brand identity projects. My personal favorite is The Swan Hotel where he created a series of hotel items that correlated with the hotel’s brand. The Do Not Disturb sign personally inspired the seahorse design for my own senior project as it used the shape elements of the animal. The organic feel of his project also inspired my bath products line for my senior project. The logo for the hotel takes a playful spin on typography as the “S” resembles a swan.

Art Inspiration


Sarah Pidgeon is a partner in a British design studio Horse, studio set up before she was involved in several occasions nongfu spring product packaging design, but to her studio really fame, is a recent cooperation – nongfu spring glass bottled water packaging design.

In early 2015, the farmer mountain spring launched glass bottled water.Changbai mountain water source of water droplets in the shape of a bottle body with a typical image of animals and plants, and matches by the Numbers and words, digital has its special meaning behind it.

It took two years of mineral water packaging Design almost swept across all important in The field of packaging Design award in 2015, including The international food and beverage outstanding creative award (FAB allow), British D&AD Awards (Designand Art Design), international packaging Design award Pentawards award, as well as packaging Design media The Dieline have tons of annual Awards.

British Design Design Week allow in 2015 will be the only packaging Design award went to the product packaging, think it is “elegant and beautiful”, “is a collection, very simple, and exquisite printing to make it look almost have a three-dimensional effect.”

Art Inspiration -the inspiration of rejection

Hey, I’m going to talk about how rejection became my inspiration for my senior project. It may seem funny or weird that rejection was a basis of inspiration. But, failing at something makes me work harder for others, but more importantly, for myself. I had illustrated 5 book jackets (two that were a part of a series, chapter illustrations, and inside content for those two specific series as well), that all were different genres all because I was rejected from a book designing position from “Random House Publishing.”

I wanted to push myself to work on all of the things that the company was looking for in their job offer. I wanted to show that I’m capable of more than just their requirements on paper, but more that I’m capable to push myself past the frustration of rejection. My styles of inspiration come from an artist that did a series of illustrations of mass effect (Sam Spratt) and re-imagined disney of Heather Theurer.

Artist Inspiration

My senior project is a stamp book, which includes twelve stamps about the Chinese zodiac. The original idea was that using traditional Chinese painting to represent the stamps. After did a few research, I changed my mind to use illustration as design style for both stamps and book. I saw a few good illustrations from Spidro who is from Chinese. He is a young illustrator and graphic designer. Spidro has a funny project is named Crazy Zoo that represents a few animals in animated style. I like this style very much by using bright color and interesting illustrations to attract people. It feels that all people from different ages will have interest to look at these funny animals, and it will be suitable for my senior project. It is an important reason why I designed the stamp book all with illustration by using bright color and charming sharp.

There are a few images of Spidro’s Crazy Zoo.

crazy zoo covercrazy zoo dogcrazy zoo panda


Artist Inspiration

For my senior project, I decided to make a photography magazine called “Photographers Society”. The Series “Through the Lens” presented by Adorama is what inspired me for my project. It’s a documentary series video that you can watch on YouTube or AdoramaTV. The series documents photographers from different countries from hobbyist to professional photographers.

Each video of the series will feature one photographer and share their career paths as well as some of their favorite work. They are on the third season now. The first two seasons documented photographers all over the U.S. The third season featured photographers from Japan and Hong Kong. The latest series has been one of my favorite out of all three. I have watched every episode since they came out. It is very inspiring to me as a photographer to see their paths to become a photographer and seeing what has inspired them.


Viet Hoang

Artist Inspiration: Susie Silook

Susie Silook is one of Alaska’s preeminent contemporary artists. Her works, usually carved from a single piece of ivory and mounted on a base so that they stand upright, are deeply embedded with the oldest Inuit carving traditions. The sculpture she made has three different figures craving with the same whalebone, and their faces are formed with simple shapes. To be honest, I thought this sculpture was carved from a stone because of its rough marble surface until I saw the introduction label at De Young Museum. Whalebone is the normal bones of whales, which have often been used as a material, and it has often been used as a cheaper substitute for ivory in carving today. I’m so curious and interested in how this artist creates a sculpture from whalebone.

At the beginning of creating this sculpture, Silook has to use a variety of saws and chisels to directly carve simple rough shape she needed. And then, in order to portray the characterizations of each figure, she has to arrange the composition of three figures into specific location through drawing the draft on whalebone; dice and define each position of those figures by strengthening partial detail and making spatial relationship; and then, use grinding grass or grinder to smooth the rough surface and light up the sculpture. Finally, the artist should cover a transparent color into the sculpture like glazing, so that it is in keeping the intrinsic quality of whalebone. Certainly, those production processes of creating a sculpture from whalebone are just my imagination, but I really feel that process is astounding. However, the facial features of these figures are portrayed in a different way. The shape of the female figure tends to mellow and smooth, the man tends to crude and sharp, and the child tends to soft and tender. Thus, each figure has its own characteristics.

For me, they are a happy family. Their expressions seem calm and satisfied. This sculpture carving a family within the same whalebone is also a symbol of unity. Each family member is a separate entity, but they are all important integral parts in building the whole of family, even community, and society.  They interrelate and affect each other in their daily lives. Therefore, I think Silook also wants to represent the harmonious relationship among people through her sculpture, Family. However, I love this sculpture and its austere style of shaping deeply captivate me.

02_2007-21-340Susie Silook (American, Siberian Yupik, b. 1960). Family, 2004. Bone. Bequest of Thomas G. Fowler. 2007.21.340 (Image from:

Artist Inspiration

An artist that inspired my senior project is Anna Bond. She is a graphic designer and also one of the co-founders of RiflePaper Co, a stationery company based in Florida. Her illustrations and aesthetic designs have molded RiflePaper Co into a successful stationery brand.

Most of Anna’s work consist of floral illustrations. I originally did not know how I wanted to approach my senior project throughout the journey. At one point, I was stuck because I did not know how to keep all of my pieces consistent. After researching many stationery companies’ work and websites, I decided to make a botanical flower as the logo statement of my fictitious stationery company, PrismPaper. Although I am not a huge fan of floral work, her botanical styles of flowers influenced the brand and logo.

Anna’s designs are simple yet chic, and that was the delivery I wanted my stationery set to have. She utilizes a variety of contrast in color in her pieces, but I notice that she has a trend in using spring, pastel colors such as light pink, gold, and purple. I love the way she keeps her designs so minimal, yet chic and elegant.

plm005-2017-rosa-01Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset




Tracy Luc

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