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Senior Project Inspiration

Hello readers! For my senior project, I decided on making a three-part educational game called the Quest Game Series (Addition Quest, Spelling Quest, and Subtraction Quest) made in Processing along with a website that promotes and explains how the game works.

The project stems mostly from personal experience rather than from an artist. The initial idea for this game came to me during a brainstorming session in Interactive Authoring. During that time, I had downloaded a few brain/thinking games such as Brain Wars and Can You Escape, so that is where a bit of the educational theme came from.



It was not until last quarter, while I was taking Currents in New Media that I thought that I could expand further. In the class, we were assigned a topic along with some reading and our group covered O’Reilly’s Designing for the Internet of Things and I covered Chapter 5: Learning and Thinking with Things written by Stephen P. Anderson. In summary, it covers how we think and learn and how, today, there are different ways of learning things (physical learning versus digital learning). In addition, how we, as designers, should keep in mind that the interface we are working on is a constantly changing platform. Anderson mentions what he thinks, from experience and observation, are the Timeless Design Principles for a Good Learning Object.

  1. Encourages playful interactions
  2. Supports self-directed learning (SDL)
  3. Allows for self-correction
  4. Makes learning tangible
  5. Offers intelligent recommendations


After learning these things, it sparked a little bit of a challenge to reshape and add to what I already had with my Interactive Authoring final.

Chelsea Guerrero


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