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Artist Inspiration

An artist that inspired my senior project is Anna Bond. She is a graphic designer and also one of the co-founders of RiflePaper Co, a stationery company based in Florida. Her illustrations and aesthetic designs have molded RiflePaper Co into a successful stationery brand.

Most of Anna’s work consist of floral illustrations. I originally did not know how I wanted to approach my senior project throughout the journey. At one point, I was stuck because I did not know how to keep all of my pieces consistent. After researching many stationery companies’ work and websites, I decided to make a botanical flower as the logo statement of my fictitious stationery company, PrismPaper. Although I am not a huge fan of floral work, her botanical styles of flowers influenced the brand and logo.

Anna’s designs are simple yet chic, and that was the delivery I wanted my stationery set to have. She utilizes a variety of contrast in color in her pieces, but I notice that she has a trend in using spring, pastel colors such as light pink, gold, and purple. I love the way she keeps her designs so minimal, yet chic and elegant.

plm005-2017-rosa-01Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset




Tracy Luc


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