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Sarah Pidgeon is a partner in a British design studio Horse, studio set up before she was involved in several occasions nongfu spring product packaging design, but to her studio really fame, is a recent cooperation – nongfu spring glass bottled water packaging design.

In early 2015, the farmer mountain spring launched glass bottled water.Changbai mountain water source of water droplets in the shape of a bottle body with a typical image of animals and plants, and matches by the Numbers and words, digital has its special meaning behind it.

It took two years of mineral water packaging Design almost swept across all important in The field of packaging Design award in 2015, including The international food and beverage outstanding creative award (FAB allow), British D&AD Awards (Designand Art Design), international packaging Design award Pentawards award, as well as packaging Design media The Dieline have tons of annual Awards.

British Design Design Week allow in 2015 will be the only packaging Design award went to the product packaging, think it is “elegant and beautiful”, “is a collection, very simple, and exquisite printing to make it look almost have a three-dimensional effect.”


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